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20th March 2009

Taurus 09, Still Working Hard…well Almost

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Hello and welcome to the blog,

Since the last blog there have been quite a few things going on, plenty of flying as well as lots of broken helicopters, which means lots of work for me. We have also managed 4 days along side in Kusadasi, Turkey which was a very good run ashore.

5th February 2009

T45 Meets the Royal Marines

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The Entry to Portsmouth was a quite awe-inspiring experience for the Ship.  Despite the fog, there were hundreds of people lining the front as we slipped into Harbour.  I had never experienced such a welcome before and it was a really powerful and delightful illustration of the interest and support that people have for the Royal Navy.  Having said all that, I think we are right to be excited (I would say that wouldn’t I) – the most capable Air Defence Destroyer in the World – Defence, the RN and British Industry deserve to be animated bout the achievement. 

4th December 2008

Endurance at South Georgia

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We are here, I have seen it! Finally the weather cleared yesterday and South Georgia showed herself in all her glory. The ship used the opportunity to get a lot of the tasking done and also allowed some of the ship’s company (including me) a trip ashore.

10th April 2008

My First Blog for Jack Speak

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The Royal Marines Commando Logistics Regiment (CLR) is just back from Norway where we conducted a variety of training but our main effort was to complete our ‘novices’ course – Arctic Warfare Training for all ranks in the Regiment – it’s one of 3 Commando Brigade’s special commitments and marks part of serving with a commando regiment.

 AndyCheal - Norway