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The Royal Marines Commando Display Team (RMCDT) are trained specialists in unarmed combat, helicopter and building abseils, high aerial slides and qualified supervisors of our hi tech rock climbing simulators. Based at RNAS Yeovilton, the RMCDT travels the length of the British Isles to county fairs and festivals, motor and air shows, charity and sporting events.

There is also a seperate team called the Royal Marines Visiblity Team (RMVT). There are seven, three - man teams based around the country that visit schools and colleges, giving presentations and organising activities relating to life in the Royal Marines. These activities are wide ranging and can be tailored to the needs of the school or college concerned. Examples are physical or leadership training and also teaching basic soldiering skills, such as navigation and how to look after yourself when working in the outdoors.

To book the RMVT call 07887 625356 or

write to: OC RMVT, CTCRM, Lympstone, Devon, EX8 5AR.

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed Combat is a highly disciplined method of hand-to-hand fighting, which is taught to all Royal Marines for use in active service conditions. The display is performed by up to sixteen marines in four-man teams on separate mats around the arena.


Helicopter abseiling provides an exciting display of one of the many skills taught to all Royal Marines. The helicopter abseil usually provides an entrance into the unarmed combat display, if the required space is allocated. The marines abseil either individually or as part of a multiple abseil dependent on the type of aircraft being used. The marines descend from heights of up to 180ft during this spectacular display. The availability of helicopters is subject to operational commitments and cannot, therefore, always be guaranteed.

Helicopter Fastroping

Fastroping is a method used to deploy lightly equipped troops into confined areas where a helicopter could not land. The RMCDT use this in the same way as helicopter abseiling, as an entrance to the unarmed combat display or as part of a separate demonstration. The rope is suspended from the hovering aircraft and the fastroper wears special gloves, allowing him to slide, gripping with only his hands, down the rope under control from heights of up to 90ft.

Static Display

Throughout the day the visiting public have the opportunity to experience the challenge of the extreme sport of rock climbing on our state of the art simulators. The Rocks are climbing walls, similar in concept to vertically mounted treadmills. They can be adjusted electronically to suit all skill levels from the complete novice to the extreme climber. These walls allow the public to experience rock climbing in an extremely safe yet exhilarating environment. The Rocks are located under large inflatable domes which allow members of the public to watch those trying their hand at this exciting challenge. Information on Royal Navy and Royal Marines careers is also available from the team or from our trained careers advisors who are normally present.

The Royal Marines Commandos

The Royal Marines are the Royal Navy's amphibious infantry and the United Kingdom's commandos. Formed in 1664, they are a small but powerful Corps who have for over three centuries displayed daring and professionalism in combat.

The Royal Marines began their existence as marksmen on the decks and in the rigging of warships. Today, they operate from the air and on land anywhere from the Arctic Circle to tropical jungles as well as at sea. They remain in constant readiness as a core component of the UK's Joint Rapid Reaction Force, poised to take immediate action in any emergency. As a spearhead force of amphibious shock troops, they are second to none.

The Royal Marines' unique esprit de corps is derived from the Commando ethos. The word originated in the Boer War, where a Commando was a small self-sustained fighting unit which carried everything it needed with it, and which conducted highly effective raids against the enemy.

The Green Beret is the distinctive hallmark of the commando troops, indicating that those who wear it have attended and passed a grueling and physically demanding test of endurance, and have displayed the commando qualities of teamwork and cheerfulness in adversity.

The Royal Marines training is the longest basic infantry training programme of any NATO combat troops. Furthermore, nowhere else will you find officers and recruits training side by side at the same establishment, The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. Here they have to undergo the same physical tests to pass out. Both must pass the Commando Course, a separate four-week phase of their respective training courses, completion of which entitles them to wear the Green Beret. On completion of training fully-fledged Royal Marines will be sent to their Commando Units where they may be deployed abroad for further training or operations, from the Arctic winter in Norway to the steamy jungles of Brunei. The Royal Marines Commandos are ideally suited to deal with an era of increasing regional instability and numerous operations other than war.

Royal Marines Commando Display Team Public Relations Policy

We are part of the Royal Navy's recruiting organisation, and our purpose is to assist in the recruitment of potential Royal Marines. To this end we aim to raise the profile of the Royal Marines. Notwithstanding our security considerations, we are keen to take advantage of any public relations opportunities that arise as a result of your event. We will gladly provide material such as photographs, programme inserts and interviews in the run up to an event, and on the site our equipment and displays provide the ideal backdrop for TV and radio interviews etc.

The team itself consists of 25 Royal Marines Commandos who raise the profile of the Corps and encourage young men to consider a career with us.

The Attractions

Our main static attractions are our rotating climbing simulators. These provide a challenging and exciting chance to test nerve, strength and agility. Any members of the public over 4'6" tall are welcome to attempt these state of the art machines which are supervised at all times by Royal Marines Commandos who will encourage and advise.

We also perform unarmed combat displays. These arena displays last 20 minutes and are suitable for all age groups. This very popular attraction demonstrates some of the techniques taught to Royal Marines Commandos during their training. The display is accompanied by a commentary explaining the techniques demonstrated and describing their relevance to Commando training. Due to the nature of this subject the display has been deliberately lightened in order to make it more appealing to members of the public. In essence, it remains serious yet is not threatening.

At certain events, we may also be able to conduct helicopter abseils. This very dramatic display from a Royal Navy or Royal Marines Lynx or Sea King helicopter involves descent at speed from a height of 180 feet on abseil ropes. Where possible we will then move directly to the arena to perform our unarmed combat display. This attraction is subject to the suitability of the event venue and the availability of aircraft. Those events that are allocated aircraft will be informed as soon as possible.

We may also be able to provide a large dynamic display that demonstrates many of our skills and equipment. It would take the form of a 'hostage rescue' and can involve boats, helicopters, vehicles, abseiling, fast roping, blank ammunition and parachuting. This display requires large areas and lasts between ten and fifteen minutes.

Careers Advice

All the marines on the team are trained to give careers advice to anyone who is interested. We bring various recruitment aids with us, such as recruitment videos and posters to give away. The publicity material that we provide is not subject to copyright restrictions and no charges are made for its provision

What To Do If You Would Like The RMCDT To Attend Your Event Or Visit Your School/College

Throughout the year we have many requests for our attendance. Unfortunately, we cannot attend every event. For summer display events, we are looking to do events with a large attendance and where the theme of the event will attract the types of people whom we are trying to recruit. For Schools and colleges, we are looking to provide a direct recruiting opportunity to our target age group. For both types of event all requests will be considered equally and acceptance is based on availability, geographic spread, previous attendance and past trends.

If you would like to request the RMCDT to attend your event or school/college then there are various ways to get in touch with us. Primarily though, all bids should be sent to the following address approximately one year before the show date:

DNR Outreach Co-Ordinator
DNR Wroughton
Central Display Workshops
Wroughton Airfield

Tel: 01793 814555

Please provide as much event information as you can to help us select the events we will be able to attend. Dates, expected attendance, age-group breakdown, media involvement etc will all aid our decision making process.

We look forward to attending your event.