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Bryony Pointon

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My name is Bryony Pointon and until recently I was the medical officer on the RN Ice Patrol ship HMS Endurance. I am a GP and have been in the Navy for 5 years where I finished my training as well as serving on HMS Cumberland and I was Deputy Principle Medical Officer at RNAS Yeovilton.

I grew up in Shoreham-by-sea, a town near Brighton and went to Leeds University. I now have a flat in Portsmouth which I never seem to live in! I enjoy keeping fit, reading, trying new activities and I love travelling. I am also a bit of a science fiction geek.

Posts by Bryony Pointon

22nd April 2009


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So I said “arrivederci” to Naples and “hola”, or more accurately “hello” to Gibraltar. As Gib’ is a funny mixture of about 70% British, 10% Spanish and 20%, well, Gibraltarian.


12th March 2009

Buonasera Napoli

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Ciao, pizza, grazie. That is pretty much it for my Italian.  Luckily I am still working in a sickbay for British forces so I am getting by (and not starving).  I am in Naples for the next four weeks, doing locum cover for the Royal Navy GP who works out here.


23rd February 2009

Shooting and Shouting

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Looking at the photos of the beautiful, glamorous and perfectly turned out actresses at the Oscars it is a stark contrast to how I have been looking for the last week. I have been in my combats, sweaty, covered in mud, hair everywhere and bruised all over.  I am now trained and ready to go to Afghanistan if they need someone at short notice.  I spent the last two weeks doing the basic training that everyone going to an operational theatre has to do.



15th February 2009

Operational Training and Locums Abroad

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I now have a plan for the next few months, which is great – it is a great plan and it is great to have a plan.  I am doing training for Afghanistan in case I need to go and if I do not go I will be doing some locums abroad.


4th February 2009

End of My HMS Endurance Deployment

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It has been a long time since my last blog.  You may have read in some of the papers about the flood we had onboard, because of this I am now back in the UK and my time with Endurance has ended.

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15th December 2008

Civilians, Sickness and Tinsel

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The Wardroom
We have finished at South Georgia and all the scientists, young explorers, Royal Marines and film crews are safely back onboard. We are now in transit and having a bit of a breather, although I did have a casualty the other day.

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4th December 2008

Endurance at South Georgia

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We are here, I have seen it! Finally the weather cleared yesterday and South Georgia showed herself in all her glory. The ship used the opportunity to get a lot of the tasking done and also allowed some of the ship’s company (including me) a trip ashore.

28th November 2008

Heading to South Georgia on Endurance

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We are at this moment sailing around South Georgia. Apparently. We arrived last night and it is so foggy that we could be in the middle of the ocean anywhere. We are here though, as the helicopters are carting people off the ship and onto land as I write.

21st November 2008

Waiting in Antarctica for Endurance’s Next Operational Period

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We are now back in the Falkland Islands getting the ship ready for another trip to the ice. Not so far south this time though; we are off to South Georgia.

18th November 2008

First Blog from HMS Endurance Medical Officer: Heading Away from Antarctica

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This is my first blog so I had better do a bit of an introduction. I joined HMS Endurance as the Principle Medical Officer at the end of September. I flew out to the Falklands to join the ship as she is currently on an 18 month deployment and I am the last of 3 doctors who have served on her during this time. I am now on until we sail into Portsmouth some time at the beginning of May. Endurance has just started her operational periods down south for this Antarctic summer.