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27th April 2009

HMS DARING - Now We’re Flying… And I’m Leaving

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Whilst news of my final blog may not fill too many people with sadness, for me it has a particular melancholy feel to it.  I was informed about 2 weeks ago that I was to leave DARING at the beginning of May, to take up a new appointment as Commander of UK’s Amphibious Task Group.  A fantastic job, but brings to an end my intimate relationship with DARING with a great deal of unfinished business.  

10th April 2009

Hot!!! This Isnt Hot…well Ok Its a Little Warm

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Welcome to another instalment of my blog. We have been very busy with a joint forces exercise, as well as another stop in Turkey and the ever so tricky transition through the Suez. Its been all go, but we still found time to get out and enjoy the heat we are having with some flight deck sports even though a few (Including me) are paying the price for thinking sun cream isn’t really necessary.

20th March 2009

Taurus 09, Still Working Hard…well Almost

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Hello and welcome to the blog,

Since the last blog there have been quite a few things going on, plenty of flying as well as lots of broken helicopters, which means lots of work for me. We have also managed 4 days along side in Kusadasi, Turkey which was a very good run ashore.

6th March 2009

Ocean Life Taurus 09

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Hello and welcome to the middle of the Mediterranean. It’s been just over 2 weeks since we set sail on a foggy evening in Plymouth but oh has it been eventful.  Working all hours of the day and sleeping hardly any, visits to Italy and getting used to life on a pussers grey, it’s been mostly fun for all.

16th February 2009

Adios Land

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Hi and welcome again, so lots have happened in the last 2 weeks. We have had some great progress with the Merlin were rebuilding and I’ve had some good news, I’m now deploying with my Squadron as of tomorrow. I’ll be heading off on the Ocean for Taurus 09, this is one of the largest task groups the navy has operated, with cooperation from the U.S. and French Navy’s this should be one sweet trip.

5th February 2009

The Journey Continues

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Hello again

 Since my last post we have made our way down the coast of Spain and Portugal and after a quick stop in Gibraltar are now transiting through the Mediterranean. The sea state is now much more settled and so I have started to fall into a regular working pattern. We normally get up around 0700 and I have my first clinic at 0800 for anyone who is not feeling well. This tends to be mostly simple coughs, colds and sports injuries such as ankle sprains. It is very unlike working in the accident and emergency department that I am used to, as you do not have x-ray or blood tests immediately available.

3rd February 2009

My First Blog by Ricky Fairlamb, Aircraft Engineering Technician, 820 Squadron

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Hello and welcome to my first blog. I’ve got quite a bit to share in this first message, as it’s been a very busy January. After returning to work from Christmas leave I headed straight of to Les Menuires, France for the 2009 Navy Ski Championships. When I finally decided to get back to doing some actual work I was given some bad news. I was told that I would not be deploying with the rest of my squadron on an upcoming embarkation, instead I would be going with a few others to rebuild a Merlin Helicopter that has been dismantled for a very long time.

26th January 2009

First Flight in a Merlin!

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After the joys of groundschool before Christmas, today I flew my first instructional sortie in the Merlin.