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20th April 2009

National Trials - 1st

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For the last three weeks I have been training in Italy in a new pair getting ready for the final national selection trial. The training has been long and hard as usual, but I’ve had a bit of added freshness in the form of Alex Gregory. He is a young new talent to the rowing team (from the sculling team) and everything we seem to do in the boat goes well. It doesn’t always work that way in new boat due to different shapes, sizes and rowing techniques - but it turns out that we were a good match.

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19th January 2009

Early Summer Sun, Jan 2009

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I’m writing this blog on my laptop looking out over one of the most spectacular natural landscapes I have even seen. I’m in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

7th November 2008

Royal Navy Will Support Peter Reed for London Olympics 2012

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Yesterday morning on board HMS PRESIDENT, I was delighted to announce that the Royal Navy has offered to continue to sponsor me as an athlete until London 2012. With this support, it was an easy decision to continue to row for the next 4 years to aim for another gold medal at my home Olympics.


18th July 2008

Peter’s Blog Before Olympics - High Altitude Training Camp

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 Lake SilvrettaFor the last 3 weeks, I have been at over 2000m above sea level in a remote location in the Austrian Alps with my coach and crew. We come here once a year in the summer to train our bodies harder than at any other point in the season. This is called a ‘work camp’.

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26th June 2008

Rowing - Poznan World Cup, June 2008

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The final World Cup regatta in Poland was the last opportunity for us to compare ourselves to the majority of the qualified Olympic opposition. After getting Andy and Tom back into the boat (with their injuries behind them) we knew that we had a lot to do in a short space of time.


We finished 2nd to the Dutch crew who we have raced at nearly every international regatta for the last 4 years – it is a big step up from the 8th place of Lucerne, but still not where I want to be and it is hard to hide the signs of disappointment after defeat.

11th June 2008

Lucerne World Cup

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 PeteReedCasual I am sure there is not a single sportsman in the world that enjoys losing. There are probably only a handful who don’t mind losing. For me, the toughest thing to take is the feeling that you were not good enough or you under-performed.

 This disappointing and irritating feeling has stayed with me this last week since our defeat in Lucerne. At this second World Cup, we raced without our selected stroke-man (Andrew Triggs Hodge) and bow-man (Tom James).


21st May 2008

The World Cup Season

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 Peter - New ImageIt is difficult to say whether this year has flown by or not. On the one hand, the weeks and months of the tough winter training period dragged on and on like never before with the Olympic goal like a bull’s-eye target too distant to make out. On the other hand, we are now right in the middle of the World Cup season just 10 weeks before the Olympic final in August.


The summer racing season is here. Each year there are 3 World Cup regattas in Europe where the majority of the countries enter their boats for a chance to assess themselves against the opposition and to get ready for the main event of the year. For 3 out of every 4 years, this main event is the World Championships in September, but every 4th year it is the big one: The Olympic Games.

4th May 2008

Rowing - Munich World Cup

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Last weekend was the first international regatta of the season. The last time we raced was 8 months ago at the World Championships, which coincidently shared the same venue.  It wasn’t a nice feeling going back to face the course of our 4th place defeat last year. We didn’t know how fast the opposition were, we were racing as the underdogs and we had a substitute with us.


3rd April 2008

Olympic Selection

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At the start of this month I raced and won the final selection trial for the 4th year in a row. It is the last chance for the team to race each other in two man boats called pairs and gives the chief coach, Jürgen Grobler, the final piece of information he needs to select his Olympic crews.

4th September 2007

Start of the Olympic Season

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I train between 1 and 2 hours at a time, 3 times a day, everyday of the week for 4 or 5 weeks before we get a single day off, for 49 weeks for the year.


At the end of the season we race the World Championships and after that we get 3 weeks away from the usual training venue (for an ‘active’ holiday) to let out bodies physically recover from that annual trauma. Now that 3 weeks has already disappeared!