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Hawks flight
Aircrew Instructors operating the rear crew instructor console of the new Merlin simulator
Aircrew operating aircraft

Flying Training in the Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet managed flying training pipelines aim to produce 40 Pilots, 27 Observers, 9 Anti-Submarine Warfare and 9 Commando Aircrewman into the frontline each year. To achieve this, taking into account what can be a 4½ year pipeline from flash to bang for a fast jet pilot, takes a considerable amount of effort and resources across the three services and takes place in a wide variety of bases across the country. Apart from our Harrier Pilots all our aircrew will fly in single-pilot multi-crew aircraft in the demanding and testing maritime environment.

Gliding Camps and Flying Scholarships

To assist in the recruiting effort and also to promote Naval Aviation, the FAA offers Gliding Scholarships and Powered Flying Awards to potential recruits.  The FAA Officers' Association also has an Award Trust which sponsors Gliding Scholarships.  In total there are up to 56 Gliding Scholarships a year which take place with the Naval Gliding Clubs at RNAS Culdrose and RNAS Yeovilton and at the Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre based at MCA Daedalus in Lee-on-Solent.   The Powered Flying Award is provided by 727 Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton.

Observer Training

Pilot Training