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Hard Going in Hyeres

I have finally returned home after a tough week competing in Hyere, France.  The regatta was plagued by light winds and long delays making for frustrating and difficult conditions.  Hanging around in dinghy parks and on the water is something you have to get used to in Olympic sailing but I’m sure we didn’t hang around this much even in China which is saying something.  We raced in some of the lightest conditions we have sailed together in and once again our learning curve was vertical.  Unfortunately we struggled to find good speed at the beginning of the event and this made it very difficult to use our tactical experience for any advantage.  We worked hard to try and find the right set up for the boat and slowly began to settle into the conditions and to try to focus on learning and improving.  Eventually on the last day we had a little bit more wind and Saskia could finally stretch her legs out on the wire.  Suddenly all of our speed issues disappeared and we could concentrate on tactics and strategy gaining an 11th and then a 1st in the last race.  Results wise, it was too little, too late and we missed out on the medal race however we had once again proven that if we put ourselves in a position to race effectively then we have the ability to win races. 

Now back in the UK, we have the chance to get in some quality training and to work on the areas where we can make the biggest gains before our next event at the end of the month.  It is now a careful juggling act between geting hours in on the water, maintaining fitness training and squeezing in some time to see my husband while I have the chance.  I’m looking forward to being able to just concentrate on training without the distraction of racing and to making some real steps forward in our ability in the boat.  We still haven’t had the chance to train in any strong winds yet so keep your fingers crossed as this is a really important area to tackle if we are to maximise our learning experience.

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