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14th October 2008

Introducing Sid Lawrence - GB Support Team for the GB Skeleton Team at the Winter Olympics

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Sid Lawrence - Team Manager, GB Skeleton TeamFrom novice to GB Squad, I have just been selected to be the support team  for the GB Skeleton Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  I have become a Jackspeak Blogger so that I can share with you my journey to the Olympics and beyond.  If Peter Reed can win Olympic Gold for GB and for the Royal Navy - then so can my team…

2nd July 2008

A New Sailor on JackSpeak - Good Music

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Hello Shippers!


J PictonI’m Jay Picton aka Taffy P, Toffee P, Picky Pop.  I’m a Physical Trainer in our country’s fine Royal Navy. I’m currently serving at Fort Blockhouse gymnasium sort of part time, as I’m pursuing a small sabbatical in support of a music career and being a Royal Navy ‘role model’, which is pretty wicked but actually quite tiring!!

26th June 2008

Rowing - Poznan World Cup, June 2008

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The final World Cup regatta in Poland was the last opportunity for us to compare ourselves to the majority of the qualified Olympic opposition. After getting Andy and Tom back into the boat (with their injuries behind them) we knew that we had a lot to do in a short space of time.


We finished 2nd to the Dutch crew who we have raced at nearly every international regatta for the last 4 years – it is a big step up from the 8th place of Lucerne, but still not where I want to be and it is hard to hide the signs of disappointment after defeat.

23rd May 2008

The Flight Deck Isn’t Just for a Helo!

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You may think that the flight deck is just a place for the helo to land and take off.  That is obviously its main role but it also has another purpose.  It’s where matelots relax and have some well earned fun in the sun!

 part 2 phot 2   

This is one of my many `different` Rigs, this time at the Tug of War event on the flight deck.  It was awesome; everyone totally put 110% effort in, the two phots you can see on the right are from when the whole girls’ mess went against 5 of the Chiefs’ mess.  It was definitely a challenge the Chiefs won’t forget in a hurry.

2nd January 2008

Images Jay’s Photos

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Here are some of my photos; more to follow.  And music as well.

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