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RNAS Culdrose

7th March 2009

Taurus 09 Here We Go!

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So we departed from RNAS Culdrose to land on HMS Ocean to start our deployment for Taurus 09. As our Aircraft landed on the bustling grey deck I found it hard to believe that this would be home for the next 6 months.


As I got down below decks I found my messdeck, basically a large room with 27 beds stacked three high with a locker each which was about the size of a hobbit. Nice and cosy.


The deployment started with an amphibious exercise called south west sword. This involved putting marines ashore off the coast of Cornwall via both landing craft and helicopter. It was good fun but hard work shifting Bergen’s around in the back of the aircraft all day, I tell you what, the marines sure don’t pack light.

26th January 2009

First Flight in a Merlin!

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After the joys of groundschool before Christmas, today I flew my first instructional sortie in the Merlin. 


16th December 2008

Is It Xmas Yet??

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Hi everyone, 

This is my first post so will be short and sweet. I am not really up to much at the moment as we are in our last week before we all go off for christmas leave. I am however expecting my little one to grace us with her presence any time in the next two weeks so it shall be a good christmas. Over the period i will make a couple of posts some of which will be about previous deployments but will hopefully give you a little insight into what i have been up to since leaving 824 Sqn. Anyway i look forward to giving you all an insight into the Aircrewmans world, enjoy!!


2nd December 2008

My First Post…from Air Traffic Control at RNAS Culdrose

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This is going to be my first post from the Tower at RNAS Culdrose, so bear with me…..

I’ve been here almost two years now and as we speak I have jus come off a manic Approach/Director session! Approach is one of our radar positions primarily dealing with aircraft taking off and director deals with recoveries. Due to Culdrose being quiet I had both of these positions “bandboxed”.