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September 2008

28th September 2008

Deploying to Afghanistan

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I flew to Helmand province, Afghanistan on the 17th of September, so the first few weeks back from leave were really a case of finishing off any essential UK work, ensuring everything was in place for when I arrived in Camp Bastion, but most importantly cutting around the UK in every spare minute to say goodbye to family and close friends that I won’t be seeing until well into 2009.  As everyone is deploying within a couple of weeks of each other, most people were doing the same. 

We had a couple of painfully good nights in the mess to mark the end of such liberties, and then we deployed.

15th September 2008

Having Fun in the USA

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Me & Ed in San Diego with a whopping US LPH in the BackgroundI headed off to California with 2 guys from the Mess at Chivenor.  Landing at San Diego we picked up a soft-top Mustang and head off to the Hard Rock Hotel in the centre of town.   What a place to stay.

Sadly the quality of the accommodation did not remain constant as we headed north, up the Pacific Coast Highway, towards San Francisco.  We managed to stay in an utter dive in Santa Monica…

8th September 2008

Darings Final Trials

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The last month has seen a lot of preparation for Daring’s final sea trials. The ship builder have been busy preparing the ship for sea and the crew have been training and exercising again in case of any fire or flood we may have. The ship has been fuelled with just over 1000 tonnes of diesel; this would be enough to fill an average car around 20,000 times!!!
Daring set sail down the river Clyde on August 26th to start her final set of contractor sea trials before her handover to the Royal Navy, the next time she goes to sea it will be under the white ensign.