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National Trials - 1st

For the last three weeks I have been training in Italy in a new pair getting ready for the final national selection trial. The training has been long and hard as usual, but I’ve had a bit of added freshness in the form of Alex Gregory. He is a young new talent to the rowing team (from the sculling team) and everything we seem to do in the boat goes well. It doesn’t always work that way in new boat due to different shapes, sizes and rowing techniques - but it turns out that we were a good match.

We won the trial in Belgium with a lot of style and control. It was his first big win which marks a big step up into the tops boats for him and it’s my fifth in a row, and first with a new partner. Both of us are now delighted and we have to wait and see what Jurgen (our coach) decides what to do next.  My regular pairs partner, Andy Hodge, is back in the rowing team having taken a chance to scull for a few weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see what the new strategy will be to start the 2012 Olympiad.

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