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Exercise Early Night

I just got back from the weekend exercise “Early Night” which ironically doesn’t involve a great deal of sleep. We did our first proper insertion march (marching a few miles from the transport to an operating area carrying rifle, fighting order/webbing, and a toppers burgen). It wasn’t too taxing in terms of fitness but personally I need to build up my shoulders before the next exercise as they definitely werent used to carrying all that weight.

The weekend covered a detailed teach and practical exercise to improve our map reading and navigation skills. Other highlights were being taught how Marines select a Harbour position (place from which to operate, conduct personal adminisration and sleep), and how to defend this site from the enemy. To achieve this we practiced putting up a Bivvy (waterproof cover to sleep under) and then at random points in the night we practiced packing all equipment away and being ready to fight or flee as a unit from the designated emergency RV point in under 4 mins. This was given a real life feel when in the early hours a very surprised patrolling army troop tripped one of the traps we had laid and lit the sky with pyrotechnics, causing us to jump into action the way we had been taught.

The final part of the excercise was a speed march - a mixture of fast walking and slow running which enables marines to cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time with all the necessary equipment to engage the enemy on arrival. The main area for improvement for the weekend was getting more efficient and comprehensive cleaning our weapons in the field - as we were told “the most important part of soldiering”.

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  1. kp1402 said:

    Hiya mate, that sounds awesome, very inspirational. I am definitely keen to follow in your footsteps and join RM, seems to be super rewarding and the ultimate challenge…