The Lynx of HMS St Albans passes the ship during surge operations in the Med. Picture: LA(Phot) Pete Smith, FRPU East HMS St Albans - the surge engine

THE men and women of HMS St Albans have been at the heart of a ‘surge’ by NATO forces in the Med to clamp down on illegal activities.

The Portsmouth-based frigate spent a fortnight prowling waters between Libya and Crete, one of several Allied warships charged with strangling pirates, smugglers, people traffickers, drug runners and other nasties on the high seas.

Surge means that the ship’s four Officers of the Watch and Bridge team kept a careful eye on all ships, boats and v......continued >

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Band of brothers... Silhouetted against the new day are men of X-Ray Company on patrol between Forward Operating Bases Robinson and Nolay. Picture: LA(Phot) Nick Tryon, 45 Cdo

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