Royal Navy
Idler - Island
IDLER "Idlers"A name formerly given to ratings excused night watches; they turned out when "Guard and Steerage" hammocks were piped up. Now known as DAYMEN.
INSTRUCTOR "Naval Instructors"Introduced into the Navy in 1826 to assist the "young gentlemen" in acquisition of sufficient knowledge to enable them to pass their examinations for Lieutenant. The economical practice of combining the Naval Instructor with the Chaplain died out during the 1914-18 war. Payment to the Naval Instructor of £5 p.a. from each Midshipman's own pay ceased in about 1910 though the order for this was not officially rescinded till 1923.
IMPORTS In round figures, 1m tonnes shipborne cargo crosses the Atlantic to the UK every week: almost half of this is petroleum products.
INSULT "Fortnightly" or "Monthly Insult"Naval slang name for the money paid to individuals on pay day (ratings are paid fortnightly: officers monthly).
INTERNATIONAL "International Law"Where the laws of a country are concerned, the code of rights and duties is laid down in more or less clear terms by supreme authority. International law is very different: there is no supreme law-making body and though there is the International Court of Justice at The Hague its jurisdiction is neither compulsory nor universal. Nor can it enforce its rulings. In the place of a code of law there are only precedents and customs which nations have found it expedient to observe, certain treaties between groups of nations on particular matters and rulings by the International Court.
IRISH "Irish Pennants"Naval name for stray ropes' ends hanging in the rigging, or more especially in modern times, for flags with frayed flies.
ISLAND "Whale Island" The naval shore establishment on Whale Island, Portsmouth, names H.M.S. EXCELLENT, whither the Navy's main gunnery school was transferred in 1891 from the hulk EXCELLENT (late QUEEN CHARLOTTE). It has been said that the island itself was largely formed out of the soil excavated when the great basins of Portsmouth dockyard were created.

Since the Queen's Royal Regiment had a detachment on board the QUEEN CHARLOTTE (Lord Howe's flagship) at the battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794, a special association is maintained between that regiment and H.M.S. EXCELLENT. Familiarly known as WHALEY or THE ISLAND.