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RNHF Swordfish - (c) HMS Heron
Buccaneer 6
Phantom 3

 Royal Navy Historic Flight
The Royal Navy Historic Flight, based at RNAS Yeovilton, maintains and flies a collection of Historic Naval Aircraft, including a Swordfish, Sea Fury, and Sea Hawk.  RNHF aircraft will perform flying displays at a number of Fly Navy 100 events.  

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust 
The Fly Navy Heritage Trust was formed in 1991 with the object of raising funds to ensure the continued operation of the Royal Navy Historic Flight, to enable it to display its historic naval aircraft across the United Kingdom and advance awareness of the Fleet Air Arm's Naval Aviation Heritage.

The Fleet Air Arm Association
The Fleet Air Arm Association exists to perpetuate the comradeship which began in the Service, to assist members in matters relating to welfare, to maintain a close relationship with the Service and to inform the general public of the past traditions and present function of the Fleet Air Arm.

Fleet Air Arm Officers Association
The Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association exists as a focal point for all who are bound together by their common interest and vocation in Naval Aviation.
It provides a link of friendship between the serving and the retired, the young and old, not provided in any other form.

Telegraphist Air Gunners Association
From 1922 to 1950, the airmen of the Telegraphist Air Gunner branch manned the guns and radio sets of aircraft including the famous Fairey Swordfish, and took part in some of the most daring episodes of Fleet Air Arm history.

Aircraft Handlers Association
Aircraft Handlers ensure the smooth running of aircraft operations on the Flight Deck.  The Aircraft Handlers Association describes its members as belonging to "what we firmly believe is the finest branch of the Royal Navy".

Survival Equipment Association
The Safety Equipment and Survival Branch maintains and instructs in the use of all survival equipment, from flying suits to liferafts, and trains aircrew in survival techniques.

Fleet Air Arm Buccaneer Association
The Association is open to all personnel who maintained, flew or supported the Buccaneer aircraft during its service with the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy in the sixties and seventies.

 Aircrewmans Association
Aircrewmen came into existence in the 1950s, replacing the Telegraphist Air Gunner Branch.  They form part of the crew of all naval helicopters, and play a vital role in getting the most out of the aircraft.  Association membership is open to all serving and ex-serving Rating Aircrew.

 Royal Naval Philatelic Society

The Royal Naval Philatelic Society (RNPS) was started in 1972, and issues approximately three to four full colour covers each year which commemorate specific naval events, with a stamp (or stamps) franked by a special hand stamp authorised by the National Post Office.  For 2009, RNPS has released a commemorative cover to celebrate 100 Years of Naval Aviation.