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  • Royal Marines and soldiers from 42 Commando Group, based at Bickleigh, Devon, returned home via Exeter Airport yesterday following the end of their seven-month deployment to Afghanistan.
  • British, Danish and Afghan troops took the Taliban totally by surprise last week in a daring operation launched into the heart of the enemy stronghold of Marjah in central Helmand.
  • Over 500 Marines from 42 Commando Group, partnered with soldiers from the Afghan National Army, have completed a gruelling month-long operation into the southern-most regions of Helmand Province.
  • Waves of helicopter-borne troops caught the Taliban by surprise in a meticulously planned assault which has struck severely at the narcotics industry in Helmand which helps finance the Taliban's insurgency.
  • Storming from the back of a RAF Chinook helicopter, Royal Marines from 42 Commando Group have raided a Taliban compound in Kandahar province where they discovered a potentially lethal stash of weapons.
  • Following a night-time helicopter and ground assault conducted by British, Afghan and Canadian troops, a huge haul of lethal weapons and bomb-making equipment has been recovered from a Taliban stronghold near Kandahar.
  • Quentin Davies, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, has visited British Forces in Afghanistan and heard first-hand views from those on the front line on the quality and availability of equipment on operations.
  • A massive British led operation in Afghanistan has seen 1,500 troops involved in two weeks of fierce fighting in rain and mud to successfully secure a large area of Central Helmand province previously under Taliban influence.
  • 1st Jan 2009
    Op Sond Chara
    Following the success of Op MARLIN raiding into an insurgent safe haven, in the district of NAWA within HELMAND province, 42 Cdo Gp rolled into the main part of Op SOND CHARA.
  • The bodies of two Royal Marines, killed in action in Afghanistan have been flown back to the UK.
  • It is with deep sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Lance Corporal Benjamin Whatley, from Lima Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, was killed in Afghanistan on 24 December 2008.
  • Royal Marines from 42 Commando, supporting an Afghan Security Forces-led operation, uncovered a sizeable quantity of drugs and weapons in the Nawa area of southern Helmand earlier this week.
  • The bodies of three Royal Marines killed in action in Afghanistan last week have been flown back to the UK.
  • 42 Commando Group Conduct Aviation Assaults into Taleban Heartlands
  • It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the deaths of Marine Tony Evans and Marine Georgie Sparks, both of J Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, on Thursday 27th November 2008.
  • Extending Royal Marine Influence in Southern Afghanistan. 42 Commando Group has pushed further into uncharted territory in Southern Afghanistan,..
  • MOD Police (MDP) have reunited Royal Marines with 33 stolen medals, including Operational Service Medals for Afghanistan and Iraq, after leading an investigation which resulted in the prosecution of two suspects.
  • Plymouth-based 42 Commando and joint forces have hit the ground running on arrival in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, achieving early successes engaging Taliban forces.
  • We are now established safely in Kandahar Air Field (KAF) and are quickly settling in and establishing a daily routine.
  • The Royal Marines of 42 Commando RM have arrived safely in their base in southern Afghanistan and are making strides in their efforts to get to know the local population. Anticipation is high as they start their winter tour.
  • 3rd Parachute Regiment say farewell to Kandahar, Afghanistan as they mark the completion of handover to the Royal Marines from 42 Commando..
  • It is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence can confirm the death of Royal Navy Marine Jamie Hutton from 42 Commando as a result of a vehicle accident on Lulworth Ranges on Tuesday 15 July.
  • 29th Apr 2008
    RSM's Supersession
    Today Warrant officer Class 1 RSM, S Brooks hands over the 42 Commando Royal Marines, Regimental Sergeant Major responsibilities to WO1 D C Collins.
  • A Royal Marine from Plymouth has been learning how to survive and work in sub-zero temperatures during training in the Arctic Circle.
  • 42 Commando Royal Marines conduct Arctic training in northern Norway up in the arctic circle on Exercise Octans.
  • 42 Commando Royal Marines conduct Artic training in northern Norway up in the artic circle on Exercise OCTANS.
  • 14th Jan 2008
    COs Supersession
    Lieutenant Colonel M J Holmes DSO RM hands over control of 42 Commando Royal Marines to Lieutenant Colonel C R Stickland RM.
  • 30th Nov 2007
    Gongs For Gallantry
    Westcountry servicemen have once again received a range of awards for their part in Operation Herrick in Afghanistan, which seeks to enhance security to enable reconstruction and development. Sergeant Jason Layton, Corporal Alan Hewitt, Corporal Thompson, all from 42 Commando Royal Marines in Bickleigh, Plymouth, have had their outstanding leadership and bravery in close combat publicly recognised through presentations at Buckingham Palace.
  • Students from Plymouth have enjoyed an exciting taste of life as Royal Marines by taking rides on armoured multi-terrain vehicles used for fighting in Afghanistan.
  • Mr Steven James began working at Bickleigh Barracks on 17th October 1982 as a young boiler engineer/electrician.  Mr James has always lived in Plymouth and attended Widey Tech School. 
  • Soon after our return from summer leave, many of the Company now penniless from both that and POTL in short succession, M Company deployed on EX Himalayan Warrior (Ex HW) with personnel attached from across the Unit and indeed a couple of lads from 29 Commando RA. 
  • BOST gave J Company a good opportunity to test its worth in one of the most complex of battle scenarios; an amphibious operation.  It meant 2 weeks on board HMS Bulwark with exclusive access to surface and aviation assets. 
  • Members of M Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, travel to India to take part in Exercise ‘Himalayan Warrior’, an exercise being conducted in conjunction with Indian Paratroopers in the regions of Ladakh and North Pullu, deep in the Himalayan mountains. 
  • 139 members of the Armed Forces have received honours and awards for their bravery and service on operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the World.
  • Guards protecting at the Royal Marine base at Bickleigh Barracks in Plymouth have been forced to ground one of their patrol vehicles because a Pied Wagtail has a nest with chicks on it.
  • On a cold bleak afternoon with the rain lashing the Garden of Remembrance in true ‘Bickleigh style’.
  • Falklands veterans and currently serving personnel marched together to mark the 25th Anniversary of the conflict and remember those who did not come home. Former and long-serving marines of 42 Commando mingled with modern-day Marines from the Unit during a weekend of reunion events at Bickleigh Barracks.
  • The Commanding Officer of Royal Marines back home from a six-month-deployment in Afghanistan today praised his troops for their conduct under Taleban fire.
  • It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Marine Benjamin Reddy from K Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, in Afghanistan on Tuesday 6 March 2007.
  • Warrant Officer Second Class David John Mallinson Royal Marines has been recognised by the Royal Navy for his 22 years irreproachable Service, and has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.