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Command Training

Command Training (1)Dunked Command Wing was formed in 2001 by the amalgamation of Officers' Training Wing and Non Commissioned Officer (NCO)'s Training Wing. This ensured better use of training resources and improved commonality in the teaching of doctrine and tactics.

Command Wing is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel who is supported by a Wing Staff Officer who is a Major and a small administrative staff. Young Officer training is run by a major supported by three officers and a team of NCO instructors. The Junior Command Course and Senior Command Course both have their own dedicated training teams of very experienced SNCOs who operate under the command of Officer Commanding Junior Command Course and Officer Commanding Senior Command Course, both of whom are Majors. The SO(LE), Advanced Command and Regimental Sergeant Major Courses are run under the direction of Officer Commanding Command Support Team.

Officers training first moved from the Bickleigh Infantry School near Plymouth to Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in 1951 and until 2002 was conducted under the auspices of Officers' Training Wing. During the 1950's leadership cadres for NCOs were spread as widely as the Royal Marines with courses run in Britain, the Far East and Malta. In February 1960 during the temporary closure of Stonehouse Barracks, NCOs Training Wing moved to Lympstone and by the end of the decade all Command Training was concentrated at Lympstone.

The centralised training and assessment of all officers and NCOs ensures that the same policies, doctrine and tactics are taught throughout the Royal Marines, thus ensuring the highest level of interoperability between units.

Officer Training

The success of the Royal Marines depends on thorough and arduous training, determination to succeed, a strong sense of teamwork and comradeship and most important - having the right men as leaders.
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Non Commissioned Officers Training

The operational capability of the Royal Marines relies heavily on the leadership qualities of its Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) - for its Corporals, Sergeants, Colour Sergeants and Warrant Officers who must actually implement the commander's plans.
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