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Sailing Weekend

Sailing Weekend
However, by Day 2, each Bosun dinghy had two Dalriada members taking turns to go round the course, going about, jibbing, and even racing.  This caused much hilarity as determined helmsmen and women tried desperately to guide the dinghies round the buoys, some with greater success than others.
Lt Hearl and his team of young instructors proved to be excellent coaches, managing to instil confidence and eagerness in everyone to go on and gain the RYA Level 2 certificate in the near future.

12 novice dinghy sailors of HMS Dalriada recently joined forces with TS Gold Rover, Greenock’s local Sea Cadet Unit, to learn the art of dinghy sailing (RYA Part 1) under the tutelage of Lt Jim Hearl, SCC. 

At the start of the course, he promised that by the end of the weekend, we would be able to sail round a figure of eight course, practise man overboard skills, hove to and to begin to use various sailing techniques such as tacking, beating and even goose winging! To say we looked sceptical would be an understatement!