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Yacht - Young
YARD The Sun is over the Yard Arm (or Fore Yard) Naval officers' expression meaning "It is time for a drink", it is bad form to have a drink on board before sun is over the yard arm, i.e. approaching noon. The last word of this phrase is more correctly FOREYARD than YARDARM.

Yard Arm Clearing To clear one's yard, or yard arm, is to clear oneself of blame, either before or after an incident has occurred. Thus an order which puts responsibility on someone else is known as a YARD ARM CLEARER.

YARMOUTH Yarmouth References to Yarmouth in Naval conversation usually implies mental derangement; the Naval hospital for mental cases is at Great Yarmouth (Norfolk).
YARN "To Yarn" or "To spin a Yard" Naval expression meaning to tell a tale. The expression originates from the day when rope was made and re-made on board ship; men repairing the rope-yarns could do this and chat at the same time (and did).
YAWL A two-masted sailing vessel - a cutter with its mizzen mast stepped abaft the rudder head.
YOUNG (The) Young Doc The universal wardroom sobriquet for the junior medical officer when more than one is borne on board. He is often familiarly known also as The Poisoner.