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    Basic training

    Once you have been accepted, you will take part in a challenging but enjoyable eight-week course at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint, Cornwall.

    HMS Raleigh is treated as if it were a ship; it is in fact based on shore. Here you will learn the basics of marching, staying organised, teamwork, firefighting, security and weapons handling, and you will start to apply those skills in exercises on Dartmoor.

    We strongly recommend that you start to build on your fitness levels before you arrive for training - you will feel more confident and enjoy the training much more.

    Professional training

    Student Nurses

    • After basic training, you will begin studying for your three-year diploma or degree at the University of Central England in Birmingham
    • During part of the university summer vacation, you will do further Naval General Training, involving leadership, management and a variety of physical activities to keep up your personal fitness levels
    • Following NMC registration and completion of the professional qualifying courses, you will work in a Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit and enter the qualified nursing rotation programme supported by the training teams within each unit to gain post-qualification clinical experience

    Naval Nurses

    • After basic training, you will complete the Post Basic Qualifying Course at the Defence Medical Services Training Centre and the Transition to Military Practice Course at Defence School of Healthcare Studies
    • You will then go on a further course where you will learn practical and theoretical aspects of naval leadership to prepare you for your role
    • After this, you will be promoted to acting Leading Naval Nurse and be assigned to your first Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit or Royal Navy establishment where you will start your nursing duties

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