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  • BBC Radio 4 Visits HMS Vanguard
    Professor Peter Hennessy and Richard Knight from the BBC visited HMS Vanguard for an insight into the current running of the Nuclear Deterrent.
  • HMS Vanguard Supports Joe Calzaghe
    Members of HMS Vanguard’s Ship’s Company put on hold their store ship to show support for Joe Calzaghe in his upcoming fight against Roy Jones Jnr.
  • HMS Vanguard’s Base Maintenance Period
    As the work continues, here are some pictures from the boat.
  • Secretary Of State for Defence Visits HMS Vanguard
    The Rt. Hon. John Hutton MP, Secretary of State for Defence, made his first visit to HMS Vanguard the Royal Navy's flagship SSBN on the 18 October.
  • Supersession
    Commander I G Lindsay bid farewell to HMS Vanguard on the 26 September as he handed the boat over to Commander R J Lindsey and the Starboard crew.
  • HMS Vanguard Returns from Patrol
    September saw the return of HMS Vanguard from sea, and a change of pace for Port Crew who now look forward to handing the boat back to Starboard Crew and getting a well earned rest.