18 April, 2009

Combined Cadet Force (RN) Syllabus

Topics and activities for the CCF (RN) Advanced Proficiency Certificate

Strand Subject Area Topic Reference
    Aims Objectives and Training I 0.1
1 Individual
    Power of Command A1.1
    Leadership Training A1.2
    Individual Topic Presentation A1.3
2 RN Knowledge
    Ships, Weapons and Aircraft of the RN A2.1
    Replenishment at Sea A2.2
    Alliances and Peacekeeping - the RN's Role A2.3
    Equivalent Ranks in the Army and RAF A2.4
    RN Command Structure A2.5
3 Activity Afloat
    Afloat Training A3.1
    Rope work A3.2
    Sea terms A3.3
    IRPC A3.4
    Pilotage A3.5
    Meteorology A3.6
    Tides A3.7
    Use of steering and hand bearing compasses A3.8
    Elementary chart work A3.9
    Electronic aids to navigation A3.10
    Distress A3.11
    Planning a short passage A3.12
4 Adventure Training
    Either Expedition A4.1
    Or Options A4.2
    Cadet Record of Achievement (PDF) ROA

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