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Choosing Education
Many Naval families send their children to a local school in their Local Education Authority area. You can provide an education for your child in a number of ways - from private home schooling to away from home at boarding school. The Local Education Authority will monitor your child's progress to make sure of the standard of the education provided. They have a duty to enforce parents' responsibility to educate their child (ren). The government department responsible for all matters related to education is the Department for Education and Skills in England and the Scottish Executive in Scotland.

website Web site: Department for Education and Skills

website Web site: Scottish Executive

Children's Education Advisory ServiceWhen looking for a school, be informed, be greatly informed...
When trying to decide on a school the Children's Education Advisory Service, a specialist advice organisation offering information to service families on schools, recommend the Combined Prospectus of all the schools in your new area. This can be obtained from the Local Education Authority (see your telephone directory). When you have narrowed down the choice ask each school to give you a School Prospectus so you can compare them. Remember a glossy brochure is just that! So to get behind the gloss ask friends, future neighbours and others in the area and then directly contact the schools in which you are interested and make an appointment to see them. Half an hour of looking round and chatting with teachers is worth a hundred brochures!

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

OfstedOfsted Reports
If you want a school's performance statistics (and they can tell a story, if you read them with care), the Ofsted reports will give you a general picture of a how a school is doing, but note they are only a snapshot of a moment and changes happen fast in schools when improvements are demanded by inspectors.

website Web site: Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)

Why are school places not available? "OVER SUBSCRIPTION" - an explanation.
The Local Education Authority has a responsibility to place your child in a local, appropriate level school, but this may not be the school of your choice. If a school is popular it becomes over subscribed. This means there are more pupils wanting to go there than the Planned Admissions Number for a particular year group. So a set of published criteria will be applied to select the required numbers. These vary from school to school and will be stated within the School Prospectus available from either the LEA, the school itself, or even via the Internet.

website Web site: DfES - LEA Gateway

Have (school) bag, will travel...
If the Local Education Authority is unable to place your child at a school close to you they may grant a place in a school further away. Then if your child is under 8 and the school is more than 2 miles away, or your child is over 8 and the school is more than 3 miles away, transport to school can be arranged by the Authority.

website Web site: DfES - LEA Gateway

unhappyUnhappy with the school offered?
How can you appeal? Your best move is to contact Children's Education Advisory Service who are experts on the subject and can guide you through the LEA appeals maze. Each LEA will also have an admissions forum where you can discuss local admission arrangements, deal with difficult admission issues and make suggestions for improvements. However, all this is for general policy. For individual cases parents must make an admission appeal.

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

DfES - Admissions Code of PracticeParents' and Guardians' rights
All parents have a right to appeal against an Admission Authority's decision to refuse their child a place at a particular school unless the child has been permanently excluded from two or more schools. This appeal is put to an Appeals Panel.

website Web site: DfES - Admissions Code of Practice

question markAppeals Panels...
The Appeals Panel must decide between the problems faced by a school if they have to admit an extra child, balanced against the problems faced by the child requiring the place if he or she does not attend the school. This is called "the balance of prejudice". Parents should be informed of their right to appeal by the school and must lodge this appeal (if they want to) within the time scale specified by them.

The appeal is a three part process:

Part 1 - The Admissions Authority presents its case
Part 2 - The Parents present their case
Part 3 - Summaries and decision by the panel

This formal process is obviously quite a daunting prospect when you have to face it without support. So the best thing is to get some by calling the Children's Education Advisory Service.

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

website Web site: DfES - Admissions Appeals Code of Practice

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