18 April, 2009


QHM Plymouth

Plymouth Navigational Warnings (PLYMNAVWARNS)

PLYMNAVWARNS generally contain short-term information concerning defective navigation aids, dangers or other important details. They are numbered consecutively starting at the beginning of the year and a list of those remaining in force is promulgated at the beginning of each month. PLYMNAVWARNS are sent by signal to all local Ministry of Defence vessels and shore authorities, and by fax to local commercial operators and marinas. A verbal update of those in force can be obtained from Longroom Port Control (01752 836490).

info More Information: Archived Plymnavwarns

No DTG Subject Matter
003 010003z Jan 09

Yellow Buoys Off 16W

004 010004z Jan 09

Red Port Hand SPA Vicinity off Weir Point

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