18 April, 2009


Stages of Service Separation

Understanding The Emotional Cycle of Deployment
frustrated girlThis section examines the emotions and feelings we experience as we go through separation due to deployment, and uses the Emotional Cycle of Deployment (ECOD). Kathleen Vetel Logan, an ex-naval Officer and author, who researched the effects of separations experienced by naval families, developed the Emotional Cycle of Deployment (ECOD). First published in US Naval Proceedings in February 1987, it has been further developed to reflect the changes the Royal Navy has undergone in recent years.

arrowAnticipation of Loss
arrowDetachment and Withdrawal
arrowEmotional Disorganisation
arrowRecovery and Stabilisation
arrowAnticipation of Homecoming
arrowRenegotiating of the Marriage Contract
arrowReintegration and Stabilisation
arrowVariations of Cycle
arrowHow to Use the ECOD Model




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