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Yeovilton Air Day 2009

Aircraft Displays

The extensive flying display will feature many historic and modern aircraft types in a mass flypast to celebrate a 100 years of Naval Aviation.  Yeovilton based Commando Sea King and Lynx helicopters and other Maritime Squadrons will also demonstrate their capabilities in the infamous Commando Assault Demonstration with plenty of pyrotechnics!  The RAF and Army as well as foreign military participants will also join in with fast jet displays, static aircraft, aerobatic display teams and historic flypasts.  (Images represent 2008 participants) F- Flying, S – Static.

Royal Navy
Harrier F/S
Sea King Mk1 & Mk2 S
Sea King Mk4 (Arctic CHF) S
Sea King Mk5 (SAR in Anniversary Scheme) S
Sea King Mk6 (Green CHF) F/S
Sea King Mk7 (ASaC) F/S
Merlin (ASW) F/S
Lynx Mk3/Mk8 F/S
Lynx Mk 7 (CHF) F/S
Jetstream S
RNHF - Swordfish F
RNHF - Sea Hawk F
RNHF - Sea Fury  F
RNHF - Chipmunk F
Hawks (FRADU) F/S
Black Cats Display Team – Lynx x 2 F
Grob Tutor S
Wessex 5 S
Raiders Parachute Display Team  
Royal Air Force
Typhoon F
Red Arrows Display Team – Hawks x 9 F
BBMF - Spitfire F
BBMF - Hurricane F
Nimrod S
Hawk F
Chinook F
King Air F
Sea King Mk3 & Mk3A (SAR) S
Blue Eagles Display Team - Lynx F
Blue Eagles Display Team - Apache F
Royal Netherlands Air Force - F16 F
German Navy - Breguet Atalantic S
German Navy - Dornier 228 S
Royal Jordanian Falcons - Extra-300L x 4 F
Spanish Air Force Patrulla Aguila - C-101EB Aviojet x 7 F
Spanish Air Force - CN-235 S
Italian Air Force Frecce Tricolori - MB-339PAN x 10 F
Classic Jets
Sea Vixen - De Havilland Aviation F
Hunter x 2 - Hawker Hunter Aviation S
Vampire T11 - Vampire Preservation Group F
Warbirds & Historics
Nimrod - Historic Aircraft Collection F
Stinson AT-19 Reliant - Remko Sijben S
Fairchild 24R-46A - Remko Sijben S
T6 Texan S
Catalina PBY-5A - Plane Sailing S
Seafire - Kennet Aviation F
Hawks x 4 - FRADU F
Falcon 20 x 2 - FR Aviation F/S
Apache - AgustaWestlands S
Sea King - QinetiQ (TBC) S
Pitts S-1 x 2 - Lt Andy Durston F

The organisers reserve the right to amend the above list subject to serviceability and operational commitments.

If you would like to participate at Air Day as a static exhibit or in the flying display please email

*Participating in the Commando Assault Finale only

F – Flying
S – Static

Royal Jordanian Falcons - (c) Paul Fiddian
Sea Kings HC4 - (c) Lee Howard  
Royal Naval Historic Flight
Seafire - (c) Gary Parsons
RN Lynx - (c) Dave Eade
Apache - (c) AgustaWestlands
RN Merlin (Wall of Fire) - (c) Russell Collins
RN Black Cats 2 - (c) HMS Heron
RAF Typhoon - (c) Paul Johnson
Sea Vixen - (c) M Russell
RNHF Swordfish - (c) HMS Heron
Team Guinot - (c) Paul Johnson
USAF B-52 - (c) Paul Johnson
VAAC Harrier - (c) QinetiQ