18 April, 2009

When to call The Police

POLICE EMERGENCY? Dial 999 on any phone and ask for POLICE. You will need to give your name and phone number.police sign

  • If you see anyone behaving suspiciously.

  • If your car, home or outside area show any signs of having been tampered with (NB Call police BEFORE touching anything).

  • If you believe that an event or activity you are planning might cause special attention and carry particular risks.

Your local Police Force's NON emergency number can be found at the following link:

website Web site: Police.uk

Minor Crime Reporting
You can notify the police of MINOR crimes which are NOT emergencies on line here:

website Web site: Online.Police

...is a national charity (not the police) that has a 24/7 hotline to report crimes and they do not need your name or number.

Phone Icon Phone: 0800 555111 - Crime Stoppers

website Web site: Crime Stoppers

Shore PatrolThe RN Service Police
(formerly Naval Provost and RM Police, also known as 'Shore Patrol')

These are military police who operate within the Royal Navy and also the Naval service community. Often known as the Regulators or 'Reggies', they have specialist military police training and cannot deal with civilian matters that do not relate to the Navy. They serve in all parts of the Navy, including at sea, and help to maintain a disciplined military environment within the service.

That said, in base port areas they also work closely with the MoD Police and the local County Constabulary (civilian local police) particularly in advising people how to protect themselves and their homes against crime - this is known as Crime Reduction & Community Safety. Each establishment has a Service Police Office, which can be contacted by phoning any main base UK MoD number and asking for Service Police or Provost in the establishment you want.

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 722351 - Portsmouth

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - Faslane

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 553740 - Plymouth

MoD PoliceMoD Police
This is a special police force licensed to operate within Ministry of Defence establishments which includes all naval base port areas, RM barracks and many other sites, properties and areas (including firing ranges and other similar open spaces) belonging to all three Services as well as the civilian support staff. They have full police powers within these areas and also take part in Crime Reduction and Community Liaison in areas nearby, including Service Families Accommodation. Here they work closely with the local County Constabulary and the RN Service Police.

website Web site: MOD Police

website Web site:
MoD Police (unofficial website)

police with lightKeep a good look out!
Something Naval skippers are told to do all the time. But all Service men and women must do this too as a terrorist can strike at serving people and their families at any time and in any place. You must not live in fear (which is what the terrorist wants) because there are many people whose job it is to protect you. Everyone can and should be alert to suspicious objects or people around quarters, base port areas, ships or military establishments. The unusual (person, equipment or activity) stands out much more to a local person so look out for the unusual and tell the civil or military police or your housing office if you are unhappy.

If you are wrong you may feel foolish for a moment or two - if right you may foil a real terrorist attack.

Official security levels
The Services have a system of increasing levels of awareness when it is likely that the threat is greater than normal. In UK, this is called by the code words "Bikini State". This security state is published and you will see notices when you enter any establishment. Checks will be stricter when the security state is higher and you must carefully follow any security advice or instructions given for parking of cars or showing IDs at checkpoints.

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