18 April, 2009


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Guidance on completing the Water Event Check Off List


The Water Event Check Off List is designed as a working tool for both organisers of events afloat in the Dockyard Port of Plymouth and personnel manning the Port Control Stations at Longroom and Flagstaff. It is a means of reconciling recreational, commercial and military activities within the Dockyard Port.


To remove any ambiguity by formalising communication, thus promoting safety


The Water Event Check Off List is to be completed by organisers (or race officers) of events to seaward of the Saltash and Laira Bridges, and inshore of these locations when the event is expected to pass to seaward of those positions for:

a) All events likely to impact on, or interact with other water users

b) Series events (see note)

d) Events specified by QHM

Note:  Although the majority of Part 1 and 2 can be completed and will remain the same for the whole of the series, Part 3 must be completed for each individual series event as stated below.

Completing the Check Off

The Check Off List comprises of three parts with several sections. Most are self-explanatory and many prudent event organisers will already address the constituent elements.

Part 1 can be completed well in advance if required. The Serial Number is provided by Longroom Port Control and provides a unique identifier for a particular event.

Part 2 can be either completed in advance for a one off event; omitted for a Series, or completed for a Series race.

Part 3 is completed within 24 hours of the event. Section G Forecast Shipping Movements can be obtained from the Port Control Stations but preferably by fax or phone and NOT by VHF. However Section H Event Execution could of necessity be passed on VHF once circumstances and conditions afloat were established.

Passing the Information

Having completed Part 1 (and where possible Part 2) either photocopy it if you have the facility, or make a true copy and send a copy to Longroom Port Control either by post or by fax. (If by fax there is obviously no need to make another copy!) Longroom will pass the information to Flag when required for events in the Hamoaze.

Longroom will contact you - using the telephone number you provide and allocate a Form serial number that is unique to your event. This should then be quoted in any subsequent communication or exchange of information. Individual competitions within Series Events will use their unique identifier plus a letter suffix to identify the individual event.

Part 3 can be done by telephone (or fax) with the final elements being done on VHF to the appropriate Port Control Station when conditions afloat have been established and final decisions made.

Please let us know when the event is completed and the water is clear.

If you have any problems first call Longroom Port Control on 836528/836953/836490 or second, Flagstaff Port Control on 552413/552416.


Stay safe and enjoy the waters of the Dockyard Port of Plymouth

Check Off List Form

Download Downloadable File: Check Off List (PDF)

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