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Special Educational Needs

Helping you and your child...
Having a child who has Special Educational Needs can be a real challenge. In the first place simply gaining recognition of a suspected problem or getting the formal assessment process underway can seem to take forever. This is extra frustrating when you know that you and your family may have to relocate to another area, with new schools and resources to find, at any time, but the Navy does recognise these difficulties! And there are Naval support groups and many other organisations ready to offer support, advice and guidance.

Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
IPSEA is a volunteer-based organisation that provides telephone advice and support. IPSEA offers free and independent advice on Local Education Authorities' legal duties to assess and provide for children with special educational needs.

website Web site: IPSEA

The Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen and Families AssociationThe Soldiers', Sailors', Airmen and Families Association
SSAFA has a Special Needs & Disability Adviser who offers help, advice, support, (including legal support) on any issue relating to disability and special needs. She is committed to raising awareness of disability and special needs within Service life.

The Advisor offers advice on education, health, Social Services and DSS benefits; holidays for children with special needs and disabilities, holidays for their brothers and sisters, a support group together with newsletter and forum, a Parents' Guide, bi-annual seminar; training, extensive library, advice on posting/drafting, aids and adaptations, housing issues, liaising with military, statutory and voluntary agencies.

website Web site: SSAFA Forces Help - Special Needs Advisor

TeacherNet has been developed by the Department for Education and Skills as a resource to support the education profession. This area of the site aims to provide a wide range of special education needs and disability advice as well as publishing materials for teachers, parents and others working with children with SEN in England.

website Web site: TeacherNet

website Web site: Department for Education and Skills

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
If you want to look at the whole Act!

website Web site: SEN&D Act 2001

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal
The Tribunal is independent of both central and local Government and allows parents whose children have special educational needs to challenge decisions made by local authorities in England and Wales about their children's education.

website Web site: SEN&D Tribunal

Children in ScotlandChildren in Scotland & Enquire
Children in Scotland offers support and advice to suit those using the Scottish Education System. It also acts as a signpost to other helpful organisations including Enquire, a national advice service for all aspects of Special Educational Needs in Scotland.

website Web site: Children in Scotland

DENI - Special Educational NeedsDepartment for Education in Northern Ireland
The Department for Education in Northern Ireland offers a wide range of educational advice, including Special Educational Needs support and guidance.

website Web site: DENI - Special Educational Needs

Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS)
Children's Education Advisory Service offers advice and guidance to Service families regarding their children's education at home and abroad. With particular reference to service children with SEN they provide access to educational psychologists, social work support, access to formal assessment, advice, advocacy and guidance regarding educational services, and support through appeals procedures.

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

SkillNational Bureau for Students With Disabilities (Skill)
Skill is a charity finding opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of disability in post-16 education, training and employment across the UK.

website Web site: Skill

Special Needs children and adults are often the focus for bullying, harassment and abuse. This site aims to prevent and stop it!

website Web site: Bullying Online - Bullying in Special Education

KIDS is a national charity dedicated to helping children and young people with disabilities and special needs develop their skills and abilities and to realise their potential. Historically KIDS has a special relationship with the Royal Navy, and in particular the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund.

website Web site: Kids

The National Association for Special Needs
NASEN is the leading organisation in the UK which aims to promote the education, training, advancement and development of all those with special educational needs.

website Web site: NASEN

Child picNaval Support Groups for those with Special Needs Children
Support groups for Naval service families with special needs children operate in the three main Base Port areas. These meet regularly, usually about once a month for a coffee morning or similar. But there are many events organised too: A Summer Playscheme for children with special needs or disability plus their younger family members, a Summer Camp for older ones, a families day, parties at Christmas and at Easter. All groups share needs and concerns, phone numbers and fun!

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 525793 - Portsmouth CALM GROUP (Donna Ashton/Amanda Crofts, Gosport HIVE)

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 555041 - Plymouth ANCHOR GROUP (Gemma Raby, NPFS Plymouth)

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 672798 - Faslane HMS NEPTUNE (GROUP, The Families Centre)

HIVE Logo LargerCALM...amid the storm?
It is hard to stay calm when bringing up a child with special needs. Everyone seems to assume you can cope, simply because you have to. But mothers, or fathers, of special needs children are only human...

One mother in Portsmouth faced this and thought the best answer to her frustration was to get a group together of other Naval families who had children with special needs. So CALM was formed. Donna Ashton helped set up CALM as a place where mothers could meet others in similar circumstances, let off steam, share similar stories or just share adult conversation.

CALM is not a professional help group, so there is no formal advice given over problems, but people there are always willing to listen. The term 'Special Needs' is used but the child does not need to have been diagnosed as such. "Any parents who find themselves feeling stressed out and in need of a break can come" says Donna. "We look on it as an hour and a half each week when you can take time out."

The GOSPORT HIVE is the meeting place and is open to all. There is a small charge for drinks but the company is free! The group meets 1000AM to 1130AM on TUESDAYS. For any more information...

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 525793 - Portsmouth CALM GROUP (Donna Ashton/Amanda Crofts, Gosport HIVE)

info More Information: Local Information - HIVE

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