18 April, 2009


From the basics of budgeting, parenting and communicating, to getting back to work and managing stress, we need a wealth of different skills to get through life. You may be feeling low or flying high, but whatever your feelings, there is always something new to learn and something new to try. Sometimes changing the way you do something will make life very different, and a whole lot easier.


The Basics
How to cope with your partner being absent: keeping in touch, dealing with house, home, money and kids. This section will point you in the right direction.

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Back to work
You may have been away from work for months or years, or had a brief career break. Whatever the reason, going back to work can be a real challenge, but there are always ways and means. Here are some thoughts.

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Coping with Stress
Life is stressful, very. Whether you are at work or home, sea or shore, life throws all sorts of difficulties at us, which raises our stress levels. Stress can have a wide range of effects from increasing performance to causing ill health!

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Getting Ahead
Whatever career or job avenue you choose, there are many ways to succeed. This doesn't necessarily mean making up to your boss or stitching up colleagues! Sound strategic behaviour and approach should be adopted in the work place.

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You don't have to put up with it
Being mistreated can be incredibly distressing. Whether you are suffering from harassment or bullying is immaterial. Whatever it might be, it is wrong. No one has a right to make you unhappy. You have a legal right to work, shop, live unmolested and free from persecution.

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