18 April, 2009


Naval Merchant Shipping Information System ( NAMESIS)

NAMESIS v 1.4 (build 208)
NAMESIS build 208 uses the same database and sync files as build 159 and all subsequent builds. It is designated version 1.4. The decision not to make incompatible databases or sync files during Veritas still stands.
NAMESIS-LITE v 2.2 (build 139)
There are now two variants of NAMESIS. As an outcrop of work with AIS (Automatic Identification System) an AIS-specific variant, now known as NAMESIS-LITE, has been produced. It is better than full NAMESIS as an AIS-centred application, where calculations of ship positions based on ship routes are not required. Ship positions are held with greater accuracy, and it will show more contacts, than in full NAMESIS. It is simpler than full NAMESIS and does not use an Access database or (normally) ODBC links. It is also suitable for use on aircraft and in headquarters systems where AIS information is also available via a network. It may be downloaded below as a single password protected zip file. A different password from that used for NAMESIS files is employed.

Version 2.0 was designated the "Baseline" version.

Version 2.1 contains significant improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.2 colour map, review log, local map and SAR aircraft and network connection added.

The program runs on Microsoft Windows XP. Users require Administrator rights. The program requires a Microsoft graphics library that is not distributed with Windows versions prior to Windows XP. The library can be used with Windows 2000, NT4, ME and 98, and can be downloaded (see below). The download file is about 1Mb in size. When this library is present in the NAMESIS directory, the program runs on Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 and has been run but not fully tested on Windows 98 and ME. With Windows NT4 Internet Explorer 3.0 or later should be installed.

NAMESIS has not been modified to work with Windows Vista.

NAMESIS-LITE versions from Build 135 on have full functionality on Windows Vista, when correctly installed.

The new version of NAMESIS is being released now because the expiry date of the previous published version was imminent. The AIS and GOLD message input processes require further work.

info More Information: NAMESIS News

NAMESIS Downloads
The files are zipped up with their full path, if they are unzipped into C:\ (using folder names) the program will usually be correctly installed. Windows XP users may find this easier if WinZip is installed. A desktop shortcut to the program may be desirable as there is no entry in the Start menu. If there are any problems, particularly in connecting to databases, the Readme.txt file in C:\Msis\Namesis may be of assistance.

Coastlines and Political Boundaries
This (geog.zip) is a 5.2Mb zip file, containing sworld16 and spolit16 which are coastline and political boundaries files for NAMESIS. Both are required but they are unchanged since initial publication.

Download Downloadable File: geog.zip  (ZIP) (5.2Mb)

Ports Database
This (ports.zip) is 259kb, password protected. It contains the Ports database. It contains fixed data, but was changed in accordance with (AAP8(E)). Though users do not write to it, it must not be Read Only, or the link to it will fail. It is essential to running NAMESIS. It is unchanged since 30 May 02. It has been decided that in future NAMESIS will switch from using AAP8 port codes to using UN-Locode port codes.

Download Downloadable File: Ports.zip  (ZIP) (259Kb)

User and Technical Manuals
This (NamUM.zip) is 997kb. It contains the User Manual and the Technical Manual in .chm form. It is not essential to running NAMESIS. New version with changed installation path 19 Dec 05.

Download Downloadable File: NamUM.zip  (ZIP) (997Kb)

NAMESIS Download Build 208
This (Namesis.zip) is 740kb and password protected. It contains the program and all the files required to run NAMESIS, apart from the coastline and political boundaries, the ports database, the (optional) manuals, and the Microsoft graphics library file gdiplus.dll (not required on Windows XP, see next section). It is possible to extract selected files. Published 31 Jan 06.

Download Downloadable File: Namesis.zip  (ZIP) (740Kb)

Note: Microsoft Graphics Library file required for non-Windows XP users.
To run NAMESIS on Windows 2000, NT4, 98 or ME a file called gdiplus.dll is required. To obtain this file from Microsoft, use the below hyperlink. This will take you to a page within the Microsoft Download Centre. On this page there is a hyperlink labelled GDI+. Click this and you will get another page where you can download a file called gdiplus_dnld.exe, and which provides instructions. Finally the file gdiplus.dll should be located in your NAMESIS directory (normally C:\Msis\Namesis).

website Web site: Microsoft Windows Download Center

NAMESIS-LITE Installation
This is a 31Mb zip file, password protected, containing the installable program, and Annex E from the User Manual the last paragraph of which should be read first if installing under Windows Vista.

Download Downloadable File: NamesisLite139.zip (ZIP) (31Mb)

Potential users can make enquiries to Lt Cdr T. Oaten at CINCFLEET SO N3 (MTO/RES).

Email E-mail: ukmto@nildram.co.uk

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