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Resettlement Process
The Navy recognises the transition from "warship to citizenship" can be an anxious and challenging time involving more than simply honing your job-finding skills. To help you focus on the aspects of housing, schooling, finance and relocation which affect resettlement there are links below to guide you to other relevant pages within the RNCom website. For the employment aspects of resettlement, each ship and establishment has a Resettlement Information Officer (RIO) who is responsible for providing basic resettlement advice. In addition there are Naval Resettlement Information Officers at each Base Port, at Yeovilton, Culdrose, and at CTCRM Lympstone, who are able to provide a more personal and detailed approach to the resettlement process. However, for basic information on eligibility and the resettlement process click the link below.

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Career Transition Partnership (CTP)
The Career Transition Partnership is a partnering arrangement between Right Management Consultants and the Ministry of Defence to successfully deliver enhanced resettlement services to all ranks and rates from the Armed Forces.

Through ten Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) across military bases in the UK and Germany, through a dedicated resettlement training centre and through access to Employment Consultants in the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA), CTP provides you with a unique opportunity to take stock, maybe change direction, and gain the support and guidance you need to make the most of the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead.

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Training & Courses
The Resettlement process and the Career Transition Partnership can and will help you to identify training and courses to assist you in developing a new career post military Service. It is never too soon to consider your next move, even if you have only been in the Forces for a short while. You may wish to consider what vocational courses you could undertake throughout your Service time. To help guide you through the educational minefield there is expert help available at the various base education centres around the country and the Fleet.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)
The entry point to any job starts with a job application and inevitably with the presentation of a CV. There are many opinions on how to complete a CV varying from the number of pages one should use to the artistic style of the font and graphics included. You will get a good steer on the current trends acceptable to industry from the Resettlement Information Officer. In addition Career Transition Partnership offer a course in how to prepare a CV. However, this section also gives you a flavour of the wealth of information available on the Internet regarding this subject.

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Interviews can often be traumatic for both the interviewee and interviewer. If you prepare properly beforehand then you should be able to overcome the many hurdles an interviewer can place in your way. The information in this section will give you hints on how to handle interviews and hopefully improve your interview technique to improve your chances of being the successful candidate that lands that all-important second interview or job.

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Job Centre +
Jobcentre Plus is a service for people of working age and gives help and advice on jobs and training for people who can work and the right financial help for those who cannot. Jobcentre Plus can help you find the right kind of job: full time or part time, temporary or permanent. Their Personal Advisers offer active help to find work to meet individual needs.

Jobcentre Plus is also part of a network of public Employment Services that belong to the European Employment Services (EURES). This is a partnership of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries that enables the exchange of vacancies and information on living and working conditions abroad in Europe.

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