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If someone gets sick on leave...

What to do...
In the event of a Service person becoming sick whilst on leave and being too ill to travel back to his/her unit, the following actions should take place:

  • Consult a military doctor (any Service) as soon as possible. If there is no one near get to ANY doctor or hospital.

  • Inform their military unit of the problem.

phoneThere are several ways of doing both.

1. Visit an Army, Navy or Air Force doctor at any base nearby. They are usually able to see a Service person much more quickly than a civilian GP and can use the military system to tell their patient's unit what is happening. This covers both responsibilities in one go.

2. Go to a local civilian doctor (GP) who will make a diagnosis as to how ill the person is, or go to a nearby hospital (Accident and Emergency) if it is very urgent. If a doctor decides that the Service person is too sick to travel, an Unfit To Travel note will be issued to the patient which must be sent immediately to the person's unit (as proof of the illness!) The doctor may have to be paid for this, but the Royal Navy will refund the fee later.

3. The Service person personally (or if they are too ill) a relative or close friend who is fully aware of the situation must then telephone the patient's military unit and inform them what has taken place.

4. Any shore naval establishment (eg: HMS Collingwood, HMS Raleigh, RM Poole) will have an Officer of the Day who can be contacted through a Naval Base number (see below). Alternatively, telephone the establishment during the daytime and ask to be put through to the sick person's unit, department or office. Failing that the sickbay (who need to know anyway) should be contacted. If you don't know a shore establishment's number, call a Base number and ask the MoD operator to put you through. The operators are civilians and are very helpful.

If a ship is alongside at a Base Port call the Base, ask for the ship by name and then the Officer of the Day when the ship answers.

If a ship has sailed call its Base administration centre. For Plymouth this is HMS DRAKE, for Portsmouth HMS NELSON, for Faslane (and all Scotland) HM Naval Base CLYDE. Call the appropriate base at which the ship is based at and ask for the Officer of the Watch who is on call night and day. The MoD operator will help you.

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 722351 Portsmouth Naval Base - HMS NELSON

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 553740 Plymouth Naval Base - HMS DRAKE

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 Faslane (all Scotland) Naval Base

The Base Officer of the Watch will also contact the appropriate Naval Personal & Family Service or Royal Marines Welfare Duty Staff Worker (on call 24/7) if required, to help advise and support the patient and his or her friends and relatives. They are there to help, in confidence.

info More Information: NPFS/RM Welfare

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