18 April, 2009


Medical Categories

Royal MarinesFit for duty?
The Royal Navy has a number of medical employability categories in which to grade people who have clinical conditions during Service. Each category relates to an ability to employ personnel in a type of duty and can either be temporary of permanent. Just because a person is medically unfit to carryout their primary role does not mean they are unfit to work. Therefore personnel will be found employment relevant to their mobility and work restrictions. A down grading can be from one to six months. The Doctor, selects the appropriate category after seeing the patient. If the patient is Medically downgraded it is their responsibility to book a review appointment with the Doctor before the time of downgrading expires.

P2 - Fully fit to serve worldwide.

P2X - Not a downgraded category but used to identify personnel who have been exposed to an environmental hazard and should not be exposed again without protection.

P2Z - Permanently medically unfit for standard Junior or Senior Command Course.

P3R - Fully fit for duties worldwide but with a temporary restriction, which is to be stated. With a time given (eg 3 months).

P3P - Fit for duties worldwide but with a permanent restriction that is to be stated. (eg. Ships with a Medical officer ).

P4 - Pregnant.

P7RA - Fully employable ashore or in a ship in harbour in own trade or skill.

P7RB - Fully employable ashore in own trade or skill.

P7RC - Employable in restricted duties ashore or a ship in harbour in own trade or skill.

P7RD - Employable in restricted duties ashore only.

P8 - Permanently unfit for Naval Service. Post medical Board of survey and employability board.

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