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Physical Fitness Royal Marines Courses - Physical Fitness

This Training Memorandum lays down the required physical fitness standard for students attending RM courses.

Download Downloadable File: 13.01 Royal Marines Courses - Physical Fitness (PDF) (389Kb)

Royal Marines Young OfficerRoyal Marines Young Officer
To develop in a Young Officer the qualities necessary to hold commissioned rank and to train them to command close combat troops in an operational unit.

Download Downloadable File: 13.04 Royal Marines Young Officer (PDF) (255Kb)

Arms CommandoAll Arms Commando
To prepare RN, Army and RAF personnel for service with 3 Cdo Bde RM by developing the temperament, mental resolve, physical robustness and core military skills necessary in the demanding environment of expeditionary and littoral operations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.06 All Arms Commando (PDF) (255Kb)

RM VikingsAll Terrain Vehicle (Protected) - Viking Operator's Course Class 3

To instruct Viking Operators 3rd Class in all aspects of operating with the Viking vehicle (Blackshod environment).

Download Downloadable File: 13.08 All Terrain Vehicle (Protected) - Viking Operator’s Course Class 3 (PDF) (167Kb)

Landing Craft IIAmphibious Case Operator
To enable Amphibious Beach Unit personnel to operate and maintain Case 721 BXT WW and class 30 trackway dispenser in the amphibious role.

Download Downloadable File: 13.09 Amphibious Case Operator(PDF) (127Kb)


Assault Engineer Instructor Class 1 (AE1)
To train Corporals (AE2) to be Assault Engineer Troop Sergeants/Commanders and Commanding Officer's Engineer Advisor.

Download Downloadable File: 13.10 Assault Engineer Instructor Class 1 (AE1) (PDF) (127Kb)

(AE2) Assault Engineer Instructor Class 2 (AE2)
To train AE3 Lance Corporals and Corporals as AE Troop section commanders, Company commanders' advisors and AE instructors.

Download Downloadable File: 13.11 Assault Engineer Instructor Class 2 (AE2) (PDF) (129Kb)

(AE3)Assault Engineer Instructor Class 3 (AE3)
To train General Duties Marines in Field Engineering to enable them to operate as a member of an Assault Engineering Troop in a Commando Unit.

Download Downloadable File: 13.12 Assault Engineer Instructor Class 3 (AE3) (PDF) (169Kb)

Drill InstructorDrill Instructor 1st Class (DL1)

To train Non-Commissioned Officers to instruct all ranks, including Officers, in all aspects of Royal Marines Drill.

Download Downloadable File: 13.13 Drill Instructor 1st Class (DL1) (PDF) (127Kb)

Drill Instructor 2ndDrill Instructor 2nd Class (DL2)
To train Non-commissioned Officers to instruct recruits in Parade Training, Personnel Administration, and Corps history and traditions.

Download Downloadable File: 13.14 Drill Instructor 2nd Class (DL2) (PDF) (126Kb)

Landing Craft ILanding Craft I (LCI)

To train a Sergeant or Senior Corporal in advanced landing craft operations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.15 Landing Craft I (LC1) (PDF) (127Kb)

Landing Craft IILanding Craft II (LC2)
To train Corporal and Marnie candidates in elementary amphibious assault operations and to command an LCVP or 5 RRC/IRCs.

Download Downloadable File: 13.16 Landing Craft II (LC2) (PDF) (169Kb)

Landing Craft IIILanding Craft III (LC3)

To provide Marines with a basic understanding of amphibious assault operations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.17 Landing Craft III (LC3) (PDF) (127Kb)

Landing Craft Officers Landing Craft Officers' Qualifying Course (LCOQC)

To train Captains in landing craft operations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.18 Landing Craft Officers’ Qualifying Course (LCOQC) (PDF) (254Kb)

Mountain Leader I (ML1) Course DatasheetMountain Leader I (ML1)
To be able to train other men to requirement specified for all ranks in M&CW operations in winter and summer, including survival skiing, climbing recce operations and associated equipment. Able to lead mountain routes in winter to Grade IV, in Summer to very severe, and have a thorough knowledge of rescue techniques.

Download Downloadable File: 13.20 Mountain Leader 1 (ML1) (PDF) (127Kb)

Mountain Leader II (ML2) Course Datasheet Mountain Leader II (ML2)

To be able to train other men to specified requirements for all ranks in M&CW operations in winter and summer, including combat survival, skiing, climbing, and use of associated equipment. To be able to lead mountain routes in winter to Grade III, instruct to severe, and have a thorough knowledge of rescue techniques.

Download Downloadable File: 13.21 Mountain Leader 2 (ML2) (PDF) (166Kb)

(PT1)Physical Training Instructor 1st Class (PT1)
To train someone to instruct and supervise PT2s and trainees in all aspects of physical training including swimming and to organise, administer, officiate and coach sport and adventure training at Unit level.

Download Downloadable File: 13.22 Physical Training Instructor 1st Class (PT1) (PDF) (127Kb)

(PT2)Physical Training Instructor 2nd Class (PT2)
To train a man to instruct trainees in all aspects of physical training, including swimming and to assist in the organisation, administration, officiating and coaching of sport and adventure training.

Download Downloadable File: 13.23 Physical Training Instructor 2nd Class (PT2) (PDF) (127Kb)

mrkCombat Pistol Course (CPC)
To train all ranks in Pistol Marksmanship techniques in accordance with Royal Marines Marksmanship Directive and AOSP. Snipers, Fleet Standby Rifle Troop (FSRT), Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) and RM’s carrying a sidearm have priority loading.

Download Downloadable File: 13.24 Combat Pistol Course (CPC) (PDF) (127Kb)

Arms Commando Service Rifle Coaches Course (SRCC)
To train Marines, JNCOs, SNCOs and Officers as Service Rifle Coaches in Marksmanship and Coaching techniques to enable them to assist operational Units and Training Centres to achieve Live Fire Marksmanship Training (LFMT) in accordance with Royal Marines Marksmanship Directive and AOSP.

Download Downloadable File: 13.25 Service Rifle Coaches Course (SRCC) (PDF) (169Kb)

Sniper Royal Marines Sniper

To train selected NCOs and Marines to operate as Unit Snipers in conventional operations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.26 Royal Marines Sniper (PDF) (127Kb)

Platoon Weapons InstructorPlatoon Weapons Instructor Class 1 (PW1)
To train a PW2 Non-Commissioned Officer to advise on skill-at-arms matters; to plan and conduct field firing exercises; and to instruct or supervise the instruction of all troop weapons in any Royal Marine operational or training Unit.

Download Downloadable File: 13.27 Platoon Weapons Instructor Class 1 (PW1) (PDF) (127Kb)

Platoon Weapons Instructor Platoon Weapons Instructor Class 2 (PW2)
To enable Skill at arms trained JNCO’s to: fulfil the role of a Machine Gun Section Commander (GPMG SF, GMG, HMG) during training and on operations; provide advice to a sub unit commander on the employment of machine guns; advise and provide training on tactics, techniques and procedures for Close Quarter Combat (CQB) in a conventional warfighting environment.

Download Downloadable File: 13.28 Platoon Weapons Instructor Class 2 (PW2) (PDF) (127Kb)

Skill at Arms Royal Marines Skill at Arms (SAA)
To train a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer to become a Recruit Instructor under the supervision of a PW1 and a Platoon Weapons Instructor.

Download Downloadable File: 13.29 Royal Marines Skill at Arms (SAA) (PDF) (169Kb)

hw-javHeavy Weapons Anti-tank (HW3 ATK)
To train selected Marines to man and operate medium range Anti-tank (Javelin) and Heavy Machine Gun weapons systems within 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.

Download Downloadable File: 13.30 Heavy Weapons Anti-tank (HW3 ATK) (PDF) (127Kb)

BRVRNLC HIPPO BRV Familiarisation
To enable the Amphibious Beach Unit Vehicle Mechanics to operate the Beach Recovery Vehicle in the Amphibious role to include Craft Recovery and Vehicle Recovery.

Download Downloadable File: 13.31 RNLC HIPPO BRV Familiarisation (PDF) (126Kb)

Vehicle Mechanic Class Waterproofing Training - Vehicle Mechanic Class 1
To enable Vehicle Mechanic's to maintain Waterproofed equipment and carry out recovery tasks in the Amphibious environment.

Download Downloadable File: 13.32 Waterproofing Training - Vehicle Mechanic Class 1 (PDF) (126Kb)

Royal Marines Young Officer Royal Marine Signal Officer Qualifying Course (RMSOQC)
To train RM Lieutenants as Commando Unit Signal Officers, OC Communications Troop 3 Cdo Bde HQ and Sig Sqn RM, and Cdo Log Regt RM Signal Officer.

Download Downloadable File: 13.33 Royal Marine Signal Officer Qualifying Course (RMSOQC) (PDF) (169Kb)

BuglerBugler 1
To further the knowledge of a Corporal Bugler in the elements of music, sight reading and pitch, aural, drum and bugle playing, Drum Corps Display Presentation.

Download Downloadable File: 13.34 Bugler 1 (PDF) (339Kb)

Drum MajorDrum Major

To train NCOs to carry out the duties of Drum Major of a Military Band.

Download Downloadable File: 13.36 Drum Major (PDF) (127Kb)

Musician 1

Musician 1
To train Band Corporals (M2) in all musical studies with emphasis on the basic techniques of conducting, training and arranging for military band, orchestra and small musical combinations.

Download Downloadable File: 13.37 Musician 1 (PDF) (126Kb)

Band MasterBand Master (WO2)
To prepare a student for confident, well informed, leadership in his own Band Service, developing good standards of musicianship, taste and deportment by means of a wide and varied musical experience.

Download Downloadable File: 13.38 Band Master (WO2) (PDF)(127Kb)

Pupil Instrumental Pupil Instrumental (Foreign & Commonwealth)
To train Adult Foreign and Commonwealth student instrumentalists in all musical studies with emphasis on the basic techniques required to perform on their specific instruments, in accordance with instrumental categories.

Download Downloadable File: 13.39 Pupil Instrumental (Foreign & Commonwealth) (PDF) (169Kb)

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