18 April, 2009


Special Needs & Disabilities

Having a child with a disability or special educational needs can be incredibly demanding. Equally it can be rewarding, with some very special moments. Whether you have a child with a mild learning difficulty or a major physical or mental disability you will encounter times when things get tough. This is especially true for Service families, with the uncertainty that Naval life presents.

woman holding baby

Even more special
For some the news comes early, during pregnancy, shortly after birth or when your baby is still young. For others, discovering your baby or child is a little more special than you already thought comes later. The time when your baby's special need becomes apparent can be stressful, with many mixed feelings.

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Services for the Services!
Depending on you or your child's need or disability you are likely to need some support or extra services as he or she grow up. This is quite natural considering just how special your child is and how hard being a parent can be.

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Home is where the heart is
Service families are often required to be more mobile than their civilian counterparts. This can be particularly challenging for families affected by disability. Whether you own your own home, or rent a Service Quarter you may need to consider making adaptations to make life easier.

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Money Matters
Families affected by disability tend to have lower incomes, whilst facing higher living costs, greater levels of stress and family difficulty. Additionally, there are statistically more instances of lone parents and higher levels of unemployment in families where there is a child with disabilities. Whatever your circumstance you may be entitled to financial support or benefits.

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