18 April, 2009


Confidential Supportline

A Private Call
Listening and sympathetic advice offered by specially trained civilians. They will discuss any issue which may be worrying you.

A completely confidential and impartial phone service. DO CALL if you are concerned or worried. Operators will try to help you and may make useful suggestions but no direct action will be taken by the Supportline. Callers remain anonymous and no names are taken.

Supportline is separate from the Navy and NPFS.

Phone Icon Phone: Freephone 0800 731 4880 - 10:30am to 22:30pm (UK local time), seven days a week

Overseas via the military telephone network: Portsmouth Naval Base:

Phone Icon Phone: (9380) 26282

Or via commercial:

Phone Icon Phone: +44 2392 726282 | +44 1980 630854

The operators will call back.

Confidential e-mail is available too:

website Web site: SSAFA confidential e-mail

You can also call Naval Personal & Family Service or Royal Marines Welfare

info More Information: NPFS & RM Welfare

Samaritans (Civilian)
It doesn't matter who you are - If you are in crisis, despairing or suicidal, contacting the Samaritans can make all the difference.

You can speak in total confidence with a volunteer about anything that is troubling you. You will not be judged; you will not be told what to do; but they will try to help you think things through. With Samaritans, you get the time and the space to find a way through.

Phone Icon Phone: 0845 7 90 90 90

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