18 April, 2009


Social Work - Who's who at NPFS Eastern and Overseas?

NPFS East and Overseas Swiftsure Block, Portsmouth
The social work service within the main office at Portsmouth, is provided by Naval and Civilian social workers. They work in plain clothes without the use of rank or rate and offer a confidential service (subject to civil and military law) for all Naval personnel and their families.

There are two teams, an Intake Team who handle all initial enquiries, and who will deal with your issue if it is short term, and Long Term Team which will deal with your situation if it requires ongoing support.

Two social workers from the Portsmouth Office are based at RH Haslar providing a medical and psychiatric social work service in partnership with the Hospital.

Community Resource Team
The Community Resource Team exists to provide a range of information, therapeutic and community support services to serving personnel and their families, from respite for families, counselling, information and advice, pre-school activities, short term accommodation to youth groups and drop-ins. The pre-school activities are provided by an independent Naval Charity.

The team combines: Community Social Workers, Community Development Workers, Counsellors, Family Support Workers, and an Advice Officer.

JSU Northwood
NPFS provides a full time social worker at Northwood Headquarters, employed in a tri-Service capacity. The primary role is to help Service personnel and their families cope with crisis and domestic difficulties by making available the specialised help that is needed whether it is that of an emotional or practical nature.

The Northwood social worker also visits MCTC Colchester and RAF Cottesmore/ Wittering on a regular basis in order to provide effective and appropriate welfare coverage.

Community Support Team, Gibraltar
The NPFS social worker operates as part of the Community Support Team in Gibraltar. Their role is to provide tri-Service personnel and their families with a professional, comprehensive and confidential social work service. These services are available to individuals, couples or families.

The worker also offers professional social work advice to the military at all levels which includes an advisory service to the military chain of command.

NATO Naples
An NPFS social worker visits the NATO site at Naples on a regular basis providing a tri-Service community and social work service to British Military personnel and their families within Italy. In addition to providing a comprehensive social work service NPFS also supports the pre school education provision assisting in registration in conjunction with the British Forces Early Years Service.

This worker is able to provide the full range of services offered by NPFS in the UK and can be contacted.

Phone Icon Phone: 00390817212336 - British Forces Clinic in Naples

Phone Icon Phone: 00442392722712 - NPFS (E&O)

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