18 April, 2009


Location Allowances

There are a number of allowances which may be available to Service Personnel depending on the location where they are serving.  Due to the specialist nature of some these allowances, only the most common in this category are described in more detail.  If you are considering an accompanied post overseas please arrange to speak to your Unit Personnel Office to establish which allowances you may be entitled to  

a.   Local Overseas Allowance (LOA): contributes towards the necessary additional local cost of day-to-day living, when Service personnel are required to serve overseas.
LOA recognises the amount by which average essential expenditure on day-to-day living in a particular overseas location differs from that in the UK, taking into account the differences in the local lifestyle.
b.   Living Out Supplemented Rates of Local Overseas Allowance (LOSLOA)     

c.   Small Station Local Overseas Allowance (SSLOA):   the term ‘Small Stations’ normally means a country where fewer than 20 Service personnel are permanently assigned.  

d.   Seagoing Local Overseas Allowance (SLOA):  contributes towards the necessary additional cost of day-to-day living overseas encountered by Service personnel serving on board HM Ships and those of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), deployed outside UK waters.  This allowance only applies when granted shore leave in Ports overseas.   

e.   Allowances for Attachés, Advisors Abroad and Embassy Based Service Support Staff Overseas. (Speak to your Unit Personnel Office for more details).  

f.   European Union Daily Subsistence Allowance (EU DSA).   (Speak to your Unit Personnel Office for more details) 

g.   Get You Home (Overseas) (GYH(O)):   For personnel employed on an overseas assignment for periods of 12 months or more.  This allowance assists towards the costs of one return journey to the UK per assignment-year per eligible person.  
h.   Get You Home (Islands) (GYH(Islands)): to assist those Service personnel permanently assigned to the Islands, with the cost of returning frequently to their Family Home or Privately Maintained Property in the UK.  The Islands are defined as those within the UK Theatre and include the Scottish Outer Isles, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, and all other British Islands within UK mainland waters, but excluding NI.  
i.    Respite Journeys (Remote Locations) RJ(RL).    

j.    Northern Ireland Journeys (NI Journeys).
k.   Northern Ireland Resident’s Supplement (NIRS).  

l.    Recruitment and Retention Allowance (London) (RRA(L)):  is to counter reluctance to serve in designated London locations by contributing to the higher costs encountered during a permanent assignment in London and by compensating for the reduced quality of the supporting infrastructure.       

m.  Families Assistance for Visits Abroad (FAVA).  

n.   Overseas Loan Service Allowance (OLSA):   to provide recompense for the unique challenges faced by those serving in Loan Service appointments. OLSA seeks to target the specific challenges faced in each of the Loan Service areas throughout the world, thereby encouraging suitable personnel to volunteer for Loan Service.  The challenges vary and include: living and working conditions, environmental conditions and the security of accompanying families.  As the challenges faced by those on Loan Service change, the amounts of OLSA can increase or decrease.

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