18 April, 2009


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An Overview of the tri - Service HIVE Organisation

By: Yetti Dutton, Director HIVE GB & Overseas

The HIVE organisation is a tri-Service information network available to all serving personnel both married and single, together with their families and dependants as well as civilians employed by the three Services. There are over 155 HIVEs worldwide with the majority within UK.

The RN and RM HIVEs are sited where you would expect them to be, but if you are located away from Port areas, you will still be able to use any HIVE that is nearest to you.

Across our worldwide locations the HIVE information centres offer an extensive range of information on the availability of service and civilian facilities, schools and further education, housing, healthcare facilities, employment and training opportunities, relocation and general knowledge of the local area. All of this information is available on formatted information sheets, which you can access by email or through the post.

All HIVE staff are professionally trained to fulfill their role as HIVE information officers. They are dedicated to giving you a professional and comprehensive information service and can refer those with personal or confidential issues to the specialist welfare agencies. Such referrals are protected under our Code of Confidentiality.

Our strong links with the Ministry of Defence, Naval Personnel Families Services, the Naval Families Federation and the Ministry of Defence ensure we have the right information for you at the time you want it.

Each HIVE Information Centre has an Internet terminal enabling the HIVE information officers to network worldwide both within the organisation and in the resourcing of national and local information. Information on future relocations is available either in advance or on arrival at the receiving unit. E-mail facilities between families and those serving away during operational deployments can also be made available through the HIVE information centres.

Today the HIVE organisation is publicly funded, recognised and valued across the three Services for its proactive work and commitment to provide an information service that is respected and well utilised by all members of the Service communities.

The organisation will continue to develop to meet your information needs with the support of the Services and your interest.

Select a HIVE Location below:

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info More Information: Dartmouth info More Information: Portsmouth
info More Information: Faslane info More Information: Taunton
info More Information: Gibraltar info More Information:Wittering
info More Information: Sultan (Gosport) info More Information: Yeovilton

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