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Educational Allowances

Education allowances are available so Naval parents can provide continuity of education for their children by boarding them (letting them live at school) which avoids the disruption of changing schools when moving as a result of new drafts, postings or appointments.

poundContinuity of Education Allowances- CEA (Board)- formerly Boarding School Allowance (BSA)
CEA (Board) provides some assistance with the cost of Boarding School fees but parents have to pay a minimum of 10%. It is a taxable allowance, however, the tax is paid by the Navy at source. Anyone considering placing their children into a Boarding School should carefully read through the regulations before deciding. Further information and advice on these allowances is available from Unit Personnel Offices. Advice should also be sought from the Children's Education Advisory Service. When a service parent has determined their eligibility to claim CEA, and has selected the school, before making the initial application for the allowance a Certificate naming the school MUST be obtained from CEAS.

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

Special Educational Needs Addition - CEA (SENA)- formerly Special Educational Needs Allowance (SENA)
Additional assistance is available to help financially towards the higher fees normally payable at schools catering for children with Special Educational Needs. CEA (SENA) is an allowance that may be paid in conjunction with CEA (Board) if your child is registered with the Children's Education Advisory Service as having special educational needs or a specific learning difficulty. For further information call the number below:

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

girl looking at youGuardians Allowance
Guardians Allowance is paid at a daily rate and is intended to cover the extra costs (e.g. postage and telephone calls) of leaving your child with a guardian, away from your home, to allow your child to continue to attend the same day school. Guardians Allowance is not intended to cover the cost of day school fees.

Continuity of Education Allowances- CEA (Day)-Boarding School Allowance (Day)
Where it is possible for a child to change from being a boarder to a day pupil at the same school, a lower rate of CEA called CEA (Day), may be claimed, provided that CEA has already been paid for the child, or for a brother or sister, for at least 3 consecutive terms. You must make sure that the school will allow your child to resume boarding if day attendance becomes impossible if you are drafted away from the area. A similarly reduced rate of CEA (SENA), called CEA (SENA Day), is payable on the same basis if a child has special needs.

booksEligibility -
If you are considering sending your child to boarding school, you must consult the Children's Education Advisory Service. The rules governing education allowances are complex and you should also seek advice from your UPO staff:

  • You must normally be in Marital Status category 1

  • You must either be serving accompanied or have been granted Involuntarily Separated (INVOLSEP) status (see Allowances Guide Sheet 4 - 1). If you are in Marital Status category 2 you must have authority from MOD (PS 10b(A)) before you can claim.

  • You must have a valid Mobility Certificate, which certifies that you are subject to being posted. The Unit Personnel Office (UPO) issues the certificate and you should apply for it through your Cash Office or Ship's Office.

  • The school you choose must be on the MOD's Admissible Schools Database (ASD) and your child must normally reach the age of at least 8 during the year in which he or she begins at boarding school.


How to Claim -
Claims for CEA and CEA (SENA), including CEA (Day) and CEA (SENA Day), are made each term in advance on Naval Form C80, supported by a Mobility Certificate (Reference: - BR 1950 Ch 28), Child's Birth Certificate and School Prospectus, and an Acceptance Letter from the school. SENA (Day) claims are to be accompanied by the authorising certificate from CEAS. For further information of how to claim Education Allowances contact your Unit Personnel Office.

Phone Icon Phone: 01980 618244 - CEAS

Email E-mail: enquiries.ceas@gtnet.gov.uk

airplaneSchool Children's Visits
The School Children's Visits allowance is to enable Service children, up to the age of 19, in primary or secondary education in the UK, to make 3 return journeys a year at public expense to visit their parents. Children up to the age of 25, studying full-time for a first degree or similar higher qualification, are allowed one such journey a year.

Eligibility -
You are eligible to apply for School Children's Visits (SCV) if your Marital Status is category 1 or 2 and you have a child or children, under the age of 25, in full-time education in the UK. Reverse visits, by a parent to the child, are also possible in certain circumstances in connection with the child's welfare.

How to Claim -
Applications are made using Annex A to Chapter 6 of JSP 356. There is a parental contribution towards all visits within the UK mainland and for terminal travel within UK for all overseas visits. Reference: - JSP 356, Chapter 6.


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