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EMERGENCY? Dial 999 on the phone and ask for an AMBULANCE. You will need to give your name and address and the phone number you are calling from.

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester…but you've moved
In the Navy you may be required to move home quite often. Living in different base port areas, going overseas, or maybe just moving closer to family when your husband, wife or partner goes away to sea involves a host of changes. Finding medical and dental cover as quickly as possible when moving house is very important.

Serving in the Royal Navy causes other stresses too and even the fittest can have health problems from time to time. This site offers help with these things.

Doctor with babyFamily Emergencies...
If you have a medical emergency in the family - a son, daughter, mother, father, or other close relative taken ill, the Navy will do everything possible to help. Arranging to fly a deployed wife or husband back from a ship (if it is operationally possible) is just one of many supportive moves the Service can make in this kind of family crisis...

info More Information: NPFS/RM Welfare

DentistFinding a Doctor and Dentist in a new area...
If you have to move to a new area of the country because of drafting or a new appointment for you or a family member, or even go overseas, there are websites available offering lists of local Doctors and Dentists (and Opticians and local Chemists). If you are moving to a base port area or Military Base then the related area Navy pages and contacts will give you more information.

info More Information: Finding a Doctor or Dentist

Why can't I find a Dentist?
Changes in the way Dentists earned money by doing NHS work were made a few years ago. This has meant that while most do both NHS and private, the mix has moved much more towards private. The UK is also short of about 4,000 qualified dentists.

info More Information: Too Few Dentists

Blood PressureSick of the Navy?
We all feel like that from time to time! Anybody can become tired of a job if they have to do it 24/7! Sometimes it isn't enough to make a joke about 'life in a blue suit' when things go really wrong or you feel you have been let down by the Service, the system or someone in it. The Royal Navy can be a really challenging career, which is why many people find it fulfilling, however, no job should be miserable or depressing. If it isn't working for you, for whatever reason, try looking here...

info More Information: Confidential Support Line

Is the Navy sick of me? Medical Downgrading an explanation...
P7R, P2X, or even R2D2? What does it mean? It all seems a life threatening (and career threatening) mystery. Yet statistics show illness can happen to any one of us, even some of the fittest. So what does the Navy do about medical problems and how can this affect your career…and your family? Look here.

info More Information: Medical Categories

info More Information: RNSQs (Sickbay)

Sick on leave?
If a Serviceman or woman becomes sick while on leave from a ship or establishment their spouse/partner, relative or friend should ensure they see a doctor AND also find a way of informing the Service person's unit as soon as possible what is happening. Absent Without Leave (AWOL) is a serious military offence. So here's what to do...

info More Information: Sick on Leave

Overseas Medical Cover
For those fortunate enough to get overseas whether on leave, on duty or serving in a foreign posting there is always the question of medical cover whilst away from the UK. If you want to know more...

info More Information: Medical & Dental Services Overseas


Thinking about Private Medical Insurance?

CS Healthcare is a provider of low-cost comprehensive health insurance to all parts of the Civil Service and Public Sector. Choosing the right health insurance can be difficult. With so many insurers and options to choose from, you want to make the right choice – the right level of protection at the right price. CS Healthcare’s health insurance, your choice, offers a selection of cover so you can choose what best suits you and your budget – it’s an affordable and flexible way to help cover the cost of private medical treatment.

website Web site: www.cshealthcare.co.uk

SmokingSmoking and Health
'ASH' is probably the best name ever given to a charity! It sums it up so well. If you are worried about your own or some one else's smoking or just want to read more go here...

info More Information: Smoking

Ill ChildFive in One Vaccination for Babies
The government has announced plans for a new Five Vaccines in One immunisation for babies. Commencing in October 2004 - but is it safe?

info More Information: Five in One Vaccination

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