18 April, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry..

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1990 Habershon D B Commander
1981 Hackett E M Captain
1980 Haddacks Sir Paul Vice Admiral KCB
1994 Haill S J J Captain
1970 Hale T J W Commander
1975 Hall J Captain CBE
2003 Hall R L Captain
2001 Halliday D A Commodore
1997 Hamilton C F B Captain
1974 Hamilton-Jones P N Captain
1996 Hamp C J Captain
2005 Hancock A P Commander
1998 Handley J M Captain
1958 Handley T D Commander
2000 Harding R G Commodore OBE
1973 Hardy A Commander
1970 Hare M R Captain OBE
1994 Harland N J G Captain
1981 Harland P A C Captain OBE
1977 Harrel H T Captain
1999 Harris A I Commander
1992 Harris J W R Captain
1979 Harris M G T Rear Admiral JP
1988 Harris N H L Rear Admiral CB MBE
1979 Harris N R Commodore
1997 Harris T R Commodore
2003 Hart M A Commander
1974 Hart-Dyke D Captain CBE LVO
2003 Harvey R M M J Commander
1974 Harvey-Samuel J Captain
2003 Haslam P J Commander
1960 Haslam Sir David Rear Admiral KBE CB
1983 Hastilow R G Captain
2003 Hatcher R S Commander
1980 Hawke M G R Commander
2002 Hawkins M A J Commander
2001 Hawkins R C Commodore
2000 Hawthorne M J Captain
2002 Haywood G Commander
2000 Heley D N Commander
1988 Henderson I R Rear Admiral CB CBE DL
1993 Hennessey T P D Captain
2004 Henry T M Commander
1974 Hensher A A Captain MBE
1971 Hepworth D Rear Admiral CB
1972 Herbert Sir Peter Admiral KCB OBE
1984 Herington P W Commodore
1951 Herrick T D Captain DSC
1965 Hervey J B Rear Admiral CB OBE
2008 Hesling G L Commander
2006 Hewitt D L Commander
1977 Hewitt E M G Commander
2004 Hibberd N J Commander
1992 Higham A Captain
1994 Hildesley T I Commander OBE
1967 Hill J R Rear Admiral
1974 Hill-Norton The Hon Sir Nicholas Vice Admiral KCB
1988 Hime I M Captain
1996 Hinchliffe P B Commander OBE
1988 Hiscock F H Commodore CBE
1990 Hockin W R J Captain OBE
1984 Hoddinott A P Rear Admiral CB OBE
2001 Hodkinson C B Commander
2006 Hogben A L Commander
1989 Hogg A J M Commodore AFC
1968 Hogg R I T Rear Admiral CB
2003 Holt S Commander
2005 Honnoraty M R Commander
2008 Houlberg K M T Commander
1985 House R E D Commander
1982 Howard V M Captain
1980 Howell R Commodore
1989 Howeson C A Commander
1995 Hudson P D Commodore CBE
2000 Hughes N J Captain
1992 Hughes P J Commander LVO
1997 Hugo I D Commander
1994 Humphrey D A Commander
1994 Humphrys J A Captain
1974 Hunneyball C R Commander OBE
1986 Hunt G C Captain
1964 Hunt Sir Nicholas Admiral GCB LVO
2003 Hunter N M Commander
2004 Huntington S P Commander
1979 Hutchison W K Captain CBE

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