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Overseas Support Units and Organisations

bdsw logo British Defence Staff US
British Defence Staff US alongside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other Government Departments collectively serve the interests of Her Majesty’s Government in the USA.

website Web site: British Defence Staff - USA

UK National Support Unit Naples
The UKNSU Naples website provides local information to personnel and their families before and after they join the British Forces Community in Naples.

website Web Site: UK National Support Unit Naples

British Forces South Atlantic Islands
The BFSAI website contains information about the British Forces in the Falklands, Ascension, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

website Web Site: British Forces South Atlantic Islands  

British Forces Gibraltar
The British Forces Gibraltar Community website was created to provide pre-move information for those people who are about to start a tour in Gibraltar.

website Web Site: British Forces Gibraltar

British Forces Cyprus
'A Cyprus Posting' - The official British Forces Cyprus website for service and civilian personnel and their families, who have been or are considering a posting to Cyprus.

website Web Site: A Cyprus Posting

UK Support Unit JHQ Lisbon
This website is here to help you - service personnel, spouses and families - settle into life in a new country as quickly as possible and to provide the information that you need both before 6coming out here and immediately after arrival.

website Web site: UK Support Unit JHQ Lisbon

HIVE Information Offices Overseas

info More Information: HIVE Overseas Information Offices

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