18 April, 2009

Benefits and Bereavement

Rn pic In the main, Service life is stressful and challenging, but reasonably safe. Occasionally, however, things do not go as planned. In the event of a conflict or incident, it can be reassuring to know what support is available if the worst was to happen. Here are some of the Service and civilian benefits that you may be entitled to...

Service Provision
In the event of your loved one becoming a casualty, either in peacetime due to an accident, or during a conflict due to enemy action, the Navy has set procedures to ensure the service person's nominated people (Next of Kin) are informed of the situation and that they receive support in the following months.

These procedures begin with the Command ensuring they have all the relevant details and confirmation of what has happened, as being given inaccurate or inadequate information can make things even more distressing for you.

Once these details have been confirmed as far as possible, a team of Naval personnel will endeavour the Next of Kin are visited in a timely and compassionate manner, answering as many questions as possible.

info More Information: Bereavement and Casualty

Download Downloadable File: Armed Forces Pension Scheme - Family Benefits (PDF)
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website Web site: MOD Pension Pages

JCP logo Civilian Provision
Bereavement Payment (formerly Widow's Payment)

A benefit dealt with by the Jobcentre, this is a one off lump sum payment for widows or widowers. You can claim Bereavement Payment if you meet two out of the three following conditions...
  • Aged under 60 for women, 65 for men (state pension age)

  • The widow of a man or widower of a woman who was not entitled to a category A Retirement Pension when they died?

  • The widow or widower of a spouse who has paid NI contributions?

website Web site: Bereavement Payment (formerly Widow's Payment)

Bereavement Allowance (formerly Widow's Pension)
Based on the deceased person's National Insurance contributions, the Bereavement Allowance is provided in the form of regular payments over the 52 weeks from the date of bereavement. You are entitled to claim if you fit the following criteria...
  • A widow or widower who was aged 45 or over when your husband or wife died

  • Not bringing up children

  • Under state pension age

website Web site: Bereavement Allowance

Widowed Parent's Allowance (formerly Widowed Mother's Allowance)
Aimed at providing financial support to bereaved men or women, who have lost their husband or wife and who are bringing up at least one child.

You are likely to be eligible for Widowed Parent's Allowance if you are:
  • Bringing up at least one child, expecting your late husband's baby or expecting a baby as a result of artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization

  • The widow or widower of a spouse who has paid NI contributions

website Web site: Widowed Parent's Allowance

info More Information: Welfare Benefits - Child-Centred Benefits

Funeral Payment
If you get a low-income benefit or tax credit and need help paying for a funeral you may be able to apply for this benefit. Based on your circumstances (not the deceased's), the payment originates from the Social Fund, and can be claimed up to three months after the funeral, but repayment may be required once the deceased's estate is settled.

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Further Sources of Information

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