18 April, 2009


The Basics

How to cope with your partner being absent: keeping in touch, dealing with house, home, money and kids. There are a hundred and one skills you need to get through life. When you are in a Service family the skills you need are even more diverse. Whether it's keeping in touch or supporting your children through your partner's absence to arranging a house move and managing the household budget. Many of these skills are complex but tips to help can perhaps point you in the right direction.

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Keeping in Touch
There are many ways you can communicate with your loved ones, including telephone, e-mail and mail. The Royal Navy's community website, RNcom, contains valuable information about how you can stay in contact with each other.

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Being Apart
One major aspect of Service Life is being away for long periods of time. Being at home whilst your other half is away can be very upsetting and stressful. Equally, although you may find yourself in an interesting foreign place, the experience of being away from home and the ones you love can be tough. The Navy recognises this and endeavours to reduce the effects of separation by encouraging people to communicate.

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Money, Money, Money!!
Whether you or your partner may be a Vice Admiral or a Lance Corporal you will still need to manage your money. Keeping the books balanced when you are together can be a challenge and especially stressful when one of you is on the other side of the world with a credit card. Consider how you count the pennies.

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Wherever I lay my 'cap', that's my home!
Not quite, but it often feels like it. Whether you are in your own home, or in a Service Family Quarter, there are all sorts of things you need to remember such as maintenance, rent, mortgage rights and making changes to allow for a disability. Here's the info.

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Till Death Us Do Part
Being married or sustaining a long-term relationship takes love, dedication and hard work, particularly when partners spend half their lives away leaving loved ones to struggle on alone. Life in a Service family is not always easy, but it is rewarding and sustaining love for each other, although sometimes tough, is worth it. Here's more on relationships.

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Trying to keep all the balls in the air
With all the demands life can place on you it can be tough trying to meet everyone's needs, either at work or home. This can be really stressful, for you and the family. Here's what to do with the stress.

info More Information: Parenting - Dealing with the Stress of Parenthood

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