18 April, 2009

Telephone and Mail Security

man using telephoneUsing telephones
When using any telephone remember to try and avoid talking about the serving person's job or work problems or movement of his or her ship or unit. This is just sensible security as all phones can be listened to (bugged) with the right equipment. Knowing who does what and where ships are can leave them open to terrorist attack.

Using a mobile phone
These are commonly used to talk to serving people at work and even at sea off the coast within range. Again remember to be careful about what you say, especially about ship movements. In the event of any terrorist threat involving the Navy these phones will probably be collected and locked away.

If you are living alone with children because your spouse is on draft get a mobile phone. They are not expensive. It is so useful if you get stuck out shopping or the car breaks down etc. and you can keep in touch with friends at any time, not just at home. This can also help ease some of the separation difficulties. If you want to talk to your spouse overseas (triband phones work in many places round the world) check the costs first as these can be VERY HIGH.

Consider having a landline extension in the bedroom and keep a list of emergency numbers by this phone. Load them into your mobile too.

woman speaking into telephoneTelephone trouble?
There is nothing more disturbing than for your phone to keep ringing and finding either no one at the other end, or to be answered by deep breathing, or offensive language.

Even if a caller has cancelled their call-back BT have a way of overcoming this in most cases and can find the source of a call, so do not be afraid to contact them if you are suffering from an anonymous caller.

website Web site: BT Nuisance Caller help page

Such activity is usually illegal and BT will probably ask you to involve the police. If the caller does talk (and you can stand to do this) try to get them to talk more and learn what you can about them. See if any background noises give a clue to where they are. Write everything down, or better still get a small tape recorder and record everything by holding the microphone to the earpiece. Give this recording to the police. Remember the caller enjoys getting you worried, angry or excited, so stay calm and if you cannot, or are frightened, just put the phone down and call the police.

In any case always make sure who a caller is. If in doubt (say a food store says they are calling, or someone from the local paper), get their number and ring them back.

It is safer if friends and relatives leave ranks or job designations off letters. Also see if the serving person in the home can have official letters sent to a work address if they have one on shore, or to Mess 'post pigeon holes'. Be wary of filling in sales questionnaires from outside agencies (but then we all are, aren't we?!)

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