18 April, 2009


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If a crime is in progress, or there is immediate threat to life please use the 999 service. For all other incidents/offences please call the MDP Control Room on (02392)722707 or 722421 or 722407 where the incident will be recorded and dealt with appropriately and as soon as practicable.

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 765511 - W/Constable 51 Fiona Franklin - MOD Police Crime Reduction Officer

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 722596 - RPO Taff Jones RN Service Police Community Liaison Officer

Advice to SFA residents on Garden Security
by RPO Taff Jones CRO/CLO

To Scratch a Thief
The garden is your home's first line of defence against crime!

A survey of 6000 gardeners revealed that 300 had something stolen from their garden or outbuilding during the previous two years.

The value of property stored in gardens, sheds and garages is often much more than people imagine. Power tools, plants, containers, hand tools, sports equipment, cycles and toys are among these items most often taken by garden thieves. Recently someone even had their entire garden stolen, including a pond and fish!

What can you do?

  • Put away all tools and equipment and lock the shed.

  • Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts.

  • Use good quality locks to secure your gates and doors.

  • A tough pad bar (also called hasp and staple) fitted with a strong padlock and secured with coach bolts is the most effective way of securing a door.

  • The standard locks fitted to up-and-over garage doors are easily overcome. A padlock with a hasp and staple fitted on each side is very effective.

  • Double garage doors with a rim latch should be supplemented with a mortice deadlock.

  • If the garage is attached to the main building ensure that connecting doors are secure.

  • Install outside security lighting operated by either movement sensor or photo electric cell.

  • Check that your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.

  • Use plant protection - such as the thorny shrubs, planted over or against, potential access routes such as walls and fences - these make an effective barrier.


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