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Royal Navy Sick Quarters (Sick Bay)

The Main Bases and large establishments have RNSQs
These act effectively as the GP practice for the serving person. Their partner or spouse (wife or husband) will go to a local GP near where they live. This page outlines the routines for RNSQs.

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Medical DocumentDocuments - moving
Medical 'Docs' follow the serving person around from draft to draft and appointment to appointment, ship to shore. Usually the RNSQ of a new unit or establishment will apply for the Docs for a new serving member after two working weeks if the previous unit has not forwarded them automatically.

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Under treatment already?
It is a good idea to let the RNSQ know if you are receiving any treatment before the documents arrive. If you are medically downgraded you will need a review as soon as possible within the first month. If you are waiting for a hospital appointment it is doubly important to check in. RNSQ can chase up or re-book an appointment local to your new establishment. In any case your first port of call by phone or in person is the RNSQ in your new establishment. Ask for the Appointments Section or Reception.

website Web site: SFTF Moving Healthcare

DoctorGoing to a local Doctor (GP) or into hospital
In an emergency, or when on leave, you can 'sign on' with a local Doctor as a 'temporary resident'. When they treat you or you have to go into hospital your establishment RNSQ should be given as your 'home General Practice'. You may have to pay for certificates and other things but the Navy will refund these when you return. Remember to inform your OPERATIONAL unit as well as RNSQ if you cannot travel back due to illness. You don't want to be AWOL!

Seeing a service Doctor
You will have to make an appointment. Contact Reception at RNSQ. Doctors run clinics morning and afternoon. The Medical Officer of the Day (MOOD) sees urgent cases as soon as possible. An on call guard MO of the Guard (MOOG) works out of hours. In small establishments this can be the same person.

RNSQ Portsmouth

Phone Icon Phone: (mil) 9380 24190 or (civ) 02392 724190 HMS NELSON Reception

Phone Icon Phone: (mil) 9380 24107 or (civ) 02392 724107 HMS NELSON Appointments

RNSQ Plymouth

Phone Icon Phone: (mil) 9375 65410 or (civ) 01752 555410 HMS DRAKE Appointments

RNSQ Clyde

Phone Icon Phone: (mil) 93255 6801 or (civ) 01436 674321 HMS NEPTUNE Reception

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