18 April, 2009


Northern Area Community Information | Chaplaincy

We can offer counsel or advice in complete confidence and always respond to requests to visit at home or in hospital.

Contact us for info on our Youth Group - "Backchat" which meets in Churchill Square next to the Families Centre and about our local Royal Sailors Rest (RSR) at Braeholm at 31 East Montrose Street, Helensburgh.

The Chaplains are here to serve the wider Naval Community. We are available for the usual round of services and sacraments, like baptisms, confirmations, weddings, confessions and sadly sometimes funerals. But we also provide a listening ear, a friendly shoulder, complete confidentiality in all things and a refreshingly different view of life.

For details of mid-week and other services and Chaplaincy events contact Margaret Reid at the Chaplaincy Front-of-House,

Monday - Friday (Office hours) on 01436 674321 extn 8266.

Special Services and Future Events

Clyde Naval Base Establishment Prayers
Every Wednesday 0810 - 0822. All welcome for this brief thought of the day.


Chaplaincy Team Leader: Revd Alison Britchfield

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 6150

Church of England:  Reverend Andrew Corness

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 6216

Church of Scotland and the Free Churches: The Reverend Tommy Goodwin

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 6183

Chaplaincy Office Manager: Miss Margaret Reid

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 8266

The main Chaplaincy Centre is in the Base, at St John's, situated behind the main mast and between the sickbay and the HMS Neptune administration block. Worship in the Base usually takes place here and the three denominational chaplains have their offices here. The Chaplaincy Centre is open 24/7.

There is also a Chaplaincy Centre in Churchill Square. St. Margaret's is situated between the Court Martial Suite and the DE offices.


Church of Scotland

1100 Rhu and Shandon Rhu
1100 Park Church, Helensburgh
1100 St Columba Helensburgh
1100 Garelochead Helensburgh

Anglican (Church of England, Ireland, Church in Wales, Scottish Episcopal Church)

0800, 1015 & 1830 St Michael's Episcopal Helensburgh

Roman Catholic

1700 Vigil Mass St. Margaret's, Churchill Square, Helensburgh
1100 & 1830 St Joseph's Helensburgh

Free Churches

1100 & 1800 Baptist Helensburgh

Duty Chaplain
There is a chaplain on duty for the whole of the FOSNNI area, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The duty chaplain can be contacted at any time through the DNBO© on 01436 674321 ext. 4005 or through the telephone exchange on 01436 674321. Chaplains are able to offer complete confidentiality.

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 8266 - Chaplaincy Office Admin.

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - ext. 4005 to request Duty Chaplain

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